Which is better for cats?

       Which is better for cats? It’s very common for cats to spit their hair balls. Parents must be familiar with it. Is this way really good?

       Which is better for cats? After a long time of keeping a cat, the owner will find that there are barbed spines on the cat’s tongue when the cat licks itself. Therefore, when the cat is licking and combing, the amount of hair will enter the body with the cat’s tongue. As time goes on, the hair will accumulate into balls, and the more accumulated, when the cat feels uncomfortable, it will self induce vomiting and spit out the hair ball in the body It is very harmful to the cat’s health, and not every cat can discharge the fur ball smoothly. If it is not discharged in time, it will affect the health of the cat and even lead to the death of the cat. It is often seen that many owners will buy cat grass and hope that the cat will spit out the fur ball after eating it. In fact, it is not conducive to the health of the cat, and as the owner, I believe that he does not want to see the cat like this This painful appearance, so it is suggested that the owners should feed the cat some hair removing cream to help the cat expel the hair ball smoothly.

       Which is better for your cat? It’s worth mentioning that cats don’t spit hair balls at birth. Generally speaking, it takes cats eight months to learn how to spit. This time to buy hair cream for cats to eat more appropriate. August old kittens, whether long haired or short haired, eat them during the hair changing period, but long haired cats eat them once or twice a week during the hair changing period, once a week for short hair cats, once a month for long hair cats during non hair changing period. In addition, the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair regularly and clean the cat’s hair in time. At the same time, give the cat to eat some cellulose cat food, do not eat meat cat food for a long time, which is also very helpful to improve cat hair vomiting.

       Which is better for cats? The parents of Maocao children should know which one is OK. One is to make the cat vomit under the action of external force, the other is to excrete naturally, which is good and which is not obvious.

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