Which kind of cat is better? Which kind of cat is better

       okay… ha-ha…. Actually… Since I like cats… It’s all the same. however… Since you like less hair. And good, keep Siamese cats… My family has this and ginger… At most, there are nine in the family… okay… This cat is short haired. And quite close to people… beyond seas. This cat is used to treat autistic patients… Kiss like a family. And it’s emotional…. The price is OK…. About 1000 cats were bought about 10 years ago… It should be much cheaper now…. You can come to my space to see their photos…

       You can also leave a message and ask me about the details of raising a cat… Now? They have become an indispensable part of my family…. I was poisoned. Lost… We didn’t cry to death… But it’s OK… All recovered. I got it back. and. Work and rest time is the same as people….

       I have kept cats for more than ten years. Now there are three cats in my family. If you want to raise a more expensive variety, you can do it. However, there must be certain economic conditions. Because the cat species often determines whether it is delicate and not easy to keep. Especially if you are raising a cat for the first time, the biggest trouble with raising a cat in a building is that it stinks of excrement and urine, cats lose their hair, and they like to climb and bite In particular, the claws itch, scratch things everywhere, scratch things often. Cats sleep very well at night. It’s OK to cultivate them when they are young. Unless they grow into big cats and are about to be in estrus, they can’t sleep well at night.

       Keeping a cat needs to be very concerned. In order to keep it clean, you should take a bath regularly. When you are young, you should take medicine to remove cat lice. You should clean your stool and cat litter every day. When you are 3 months old, you should give your cat a big vaccination. If you are worried about hair loss, you should eat cod liver oil every day. You should buy cat food from special shops or pet shops, not from supermarkets, because cheap brands are very easy According to the cost of our family, the cost of three cats a month is about 200 * * if there is no injection. The bath, nail clippers, toys and cat scratch pads are all better, because they are very useful. When it comes to long-term saving, it seems to be helpful!

       It’s OK to let it sleep at night. My cat sleeps with me. It depends on the breed of this cat, such as Garfield and yingduan. The fat and big eared cats don’t like to move, and they are short hairy. It’s convenient to take care of it. If you don’t lose hair, I think only Canadian hairless cat will be= =It’s estimated that the owner doesn’t like it. It’s naughty if it’s beautiful. I suggest you buy short hair. My family has long hair. If you drop the hair, you can take care of it. The long hair cat will be in trouble. What does it matter to live on the 24th floor?? Cats don’t have to slip, just use cat litter. If you want to be clean, use the cat toilet.

       Breed suggestion: Garfield, English short, fold ear cat

       There are puppet cats, Singapore cats (this breed is the smallest) Siamese cats… These are all good

       If you lose hair, it must be short hair less than long hair. If it’s just for fun, there’s no need to raise any varieties. Xiaochuaner is good. Hulu and Hulu will know about the hair loss. As for work and rest habits, noisy, to tell the truth, this mainly depends on the cat’s character. For example, some of the cats in my family are very noisy and can’t do without holding them. Some of them don’t like to bark since they were young. Occasionally, their voice is very small and very gentle. You can’t find it when you look for it. Tell it not to promise, just wag its tail.

       So when you pick a cat, you can ask your friend for a new kitten to see if the character is suitable for your requirements. As for hair loss, you can see the cat’s mother.

       There are so many kinds of cats that the friends who are going to have cats have a lot of troubles. What kind of cats are easy to keep? It’s very important to choose the cat that suits you. Let’s take a look at Xiaobian’s analysis.

       Egyptian cat

       First of all, it is easy to raise short haired cats, which are not affectable, cheerful, stable, independent, willing to contact people. This kind of cat is strong, stable personality, strong ability to adapt to the environment, most of the requirements of the breeder is also low, for parents, this type of cat is relatively easy to raise.

       For example, the native cat is a common hybrid cat. This kind of cat doesn’t have any precious lineage, but it has strong body, strong body resistance, no affectation, and cheerful and active personality. Compared with other valuable cats, this kind of cat is more simple and convenient to raise. The most important thing is that the native cat can better adapt to the rough management of parents and better adapt to the changes of environment and life.

       There are a lot of precious cats, pure blooded cats, although the appearance is lovely and charming, but show more affectation. The character is arrogant and has high requirements for the living environment. In addition, some long haired cats need their parents to take care of them every day. More short haired cats can save these troubles (of course, regular cleaning and finishing is also necessary), so as to save the owners more trouble in feeding.

       Serval cat


       The serval cat (scientific name: leptaliurus serval) is shaped like a small cheetah, with slender trunk and limbs. The coat is yellow with black spots, which are integrated with longitudinal markings on the back and head. The tail has several black rings, and the tail tip is black. Males are usually larger than females. Compared with other cats, they are more slender, with long legs and short tail, high and round ears, and close base of two ears.

       It is distributed in western, central and eastern Africa. It mainly inhabits the prairie, sometimes appears in the field, and is suitable for living in the reeds on the edge of the wetland. It usually feeds on rodents, birds, fish, frogs and locusts at dusk. Serval cats can help farmers hunt locusts and rodents and rarely hunt livestock. Because this species gathers in the river, it is easy to be exposed and killed. In addition, it faces the risk of habitat loss.

       In some countries, especially the United States, serval cats are domesticated as pets. In Italy, serval is the symbol of the Tomassi family.

       (overview image source [1])

       Chinese scientific name

       Serval cat

       Latin name

       Leptailurus serval


       African serval


       Animal kingdom


       Chordate phylum


       Vertebrate suborder














       Serval cat

       Distribution area

       Sub Saharan Africa

       Celebrity and age


       English name



       1. Morphological characteristics

       2 habitat

       3 living habits

       4 distribution range

       5. Reproduction mode

       6 subspecies differentiation

       7 population status

       8 protection level

       9 hybrid

       morphological character


       It is about 60 cm long from shoulder to tail, with limbs and ears relative to the body

       Serval cat (10)

       The largest proportion of cats. The coat is yellow with black spots. The size and position of black spots or stripes on fur vary from individual to individual. The abdomen and the area near the mouth are white. There are longitudinal stripes on the top of the head between the ears, which extend to the back and are divided into four segments. The stripes were scattered from shoulder to shoulder and extended to buttocks. The black spots distributed vertically were integrated with the ring pattern of tail. The tip of the tail is black. The back of the ear is black with a white line in it. In some areas where serval cats are distributed, black individuals also appear. [2]

       Size measurement: head length 67 ~ 100 cm; [3] body weight A kind of 9-18 kg, A kind of [2] tail length: 40 cm; shoulder height: 53 cm. [4]

       (Note: A kind of Male; A kind of Female)



       Serval cat owners live in all kinds of grasslands, most commonly in reed, swamp and other humid environment, occasionally appear in forest edge zone and leafy forest open space. [3]

       Living habits


       It is independent except for the period of. It is most active from dusk to dawn the next day. Rest at noon or occasionally at night. Sometimes they forage during the day, especially when it’s cloudy and cold. There will be less activity in the dry season. Its long neck and limbs enable the serval to raise its head high in the tall grass to track its prey. Once the prey is found, the serval cat can jump 4 meters away and 1 meter high to catch the prey with its forepaws. [3] They usually communicate with shrieks, growls and grunts. Serval cats are not social species, but in some cases, males and females will mate, forage and live together for a short time after meeting. Females are usually more active than males. [2]

       The minimum territory is 11.6km2, and the factors affecting the territory include the amount of food, resources and hiding places. Female territory does not overlap with other females, but can overlap with male territory. Males set up their territory within a radius of 9.6 km from their birthplace. The average size of their territory is 6.2 km ~ 2, which is significantly lower than that of other indigenous individuals. The methods of marking territory include urination, rubbing on the ground, and tail gland wiping. [2]

       93.5% of the serval cat’s food is rodents, shrews and other animals, and birds account for 5% of the diet. Other insects, frogs, lizards, etc. Occasionally they dive underwater to catch live fish. Rarely eat rotten meat. [2] It has been reported that serval cats may prey on larger animals, such as gazelles, but 90% of their prey weighs less than 200 grams. [4]

       Distribution range


       It is widely distributed in sub Saharan Africa,

       Geographical distribution of serval cats

       In addition to the Sahara desert and the tropical rainforests of Central Africa, their footprints can be seen. It’s rare in the Arctic of the Sahara. [5]

       Country of origin: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (cloth), Congo (gold), Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Garner, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Gambia, Malawi, Mali, Asia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. [5]

       Probably extinct: Algeria.

       Re introduced to: Tunisia. [5]

       Reproduction mode


       There was no interval between reproduction. Usually in spring, females spend a few days looking for a mate before estrus. The estrus period is only one day. Serval cats generally breed in the burrows of Aardvark. [2]

       The gestational period of female cats is 10-11 weeks, with 2-3 cubs per fetus, occasionally 1 or 5 pups. The weight of the newborn was about 250 g and doubled on the 11th day. After 9 weeks, the young can eat solid food. The lactation period was 4-7 months. The development of canine teeth was completed in about 6 months. The kittens are raised by the female for at least one year before being driven out of their homes to find their own territory. The male does not provide parental care. After independence, male cats spend 1-2 years to expand their new territory. It entered the sexual maturity stage from 18 to 24 months. [2]

       The average life span of wild serval cats is 10 years, and the longest is 23 years. The average life span of captive serval cats is 22.4 years. [2]

       Subspecies differentiation


       Serval cat (19 subspecies)

       Serial number

       Chinese name

       Scientific name

       Celebrity and age

       Leptaliurus serval beirae wroughton, 1910

       Leptaliurus serval brachyurus Wagner, 1841

       Leptaliurus serval Constantinus Forster, 1780

       Leptailurus serval faradjius J. A. Allen, 1924

       Leptaliurus serval ferrarii de beaux, 1924

       Leptaliurus serval Hamiltoni Roberts, 1931

       Leptaliurus serval hindei wroughton, 1910

       Leptaliurus serval kempi wroughton, 1910

       Leptaliurus serval kivuensis L ¨¹ nnberg, 1919

       Leptaliurus serval lipostictus Pocock, 1907

       Leptaliurus serval longbergi Cabrera, 1910

       12 Bush cat Botswana subspecies Leptailurus serval mababiensis Roberts, 1932

       Leptaliurus serval pantasictus Pocock, 1907

       Leptaliurus serval phillipsi G. M. Allen, 1914

       Leptaliurus serval pococki Cabrera, 1910

       Leptaliurus serval robertsi Ellerman et al., 1953

       Leptaliurus serval serval Schreber, 1776

       Leptaliurus serval tanae Pocock, 1944

       Leptaliurus serval togoensis matscie, 1893

       Note: reference to the origin of subspecies saozhou. [6]

       Population status


       It is common in large national parks and important protected areas, but the population situation outside the reserve is not clear. The minimum density of the Ngorongoro Crater is 0.42 ind / km ~ 2 (geertsema 1985) and 0.1 ind / km ~ 2 in Luambe National Park of Zambia (Thiel 2011) [5]

       Due to the large number of hunting in the farm area of South Africa, the number of servins in that area is now very rare and no longer exists in human settlements. [5]

       Protection level


       It is listed in Appendix II of cites. [5]

       Listed in the IUCN Red List: non endangered species (LC), 2014 assessment. [5]

       hybrid variety


       Serial number

       Chinese name

       Scientific name

       Hybridization mode

       English name


       Savannah cat

       Leptailurus serval ¡Á Felis silvestris catus

       Serval cat ¡Á domestic cat

       S***annah Cat[6]

       Entry atlas more albums

       reference material

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       Entry Label:

       Biological species, pets, animals

       If you don’t have a cat, then the concept of pet often stays in contact with dogs. Dogs are very flattering pets. Their expression is very direct and easy to be understood by human beings. He will wag his tail around you and tell you that he likes you very much. But cats are very sensitive animals. It is very difficult for people to quickly establish feelings with a cat. Even if you feed it food, you can’t quickly gain its trust. It takes a long time for it to be willing to establish a trust relationship with you.

       So the cat owners didn’t understand the cat at first. I kept such a thing. I didn’t let it touch or hold it. What did I do with it? Because of the cat’s independent and sensitive personality, every cat can give people different feelings.

       In my opinion, the most suitable for the first time is British short and puppet cat. Puppet cat is soft and soft. It feels like a plush toy. Its fur is the same as its character. The Muppet cat is the most docile among all the breeds. It hardly loses his temper and has a special tolerance. Yingduan is also a cat with no temper. This kind of cat has a strong tolerance for children. We often see pictures of cats taking care of them on the Internet. The kittens are sleeping with the cat in their arms, and the children are biting them with their tails as lollipops. They don’t lose their temper, but unlike puppets, they are naughty and like to climb high.

       These two kinds of cats are suitable for beginners because of their strong tolerance, good character and lack of small temper. Otherwise, some cats with strong temperament will yell at you when you touch their stomach. It is estimated that the fragile glass heart of human beings will explode long ago^_^

       Muppet cat is one of the cats loved by girls. It is soft and waxy all over. Moreover, the cat is very gentle and does not attack people. Today, let’s talk about how to raise puppet cats.

       1¡¢ Puppet cat’s hair is naturally soft and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about it. Stick to grooming. Although Muppet cats are easy to raise, they can’t help but manage them. Since Muppets are one of the long haired cats, we must pay attention to combing the cat’s hair every day during the breeding period. This can bring health to the Muppet cat. Because it grows too much, it is not only easy to have parasites, but also difficult to do sanitation at home.

       2¡¢ When feeding the Muppet cat, you can give the cat some goat milk powder. In this way, you can also supplement the nutrition needed for the growth of the Muppet cat. This is about the kitten in its infancy. If you grow up, you can buy some cat food.

       3¡¢ Puppet cat like a child, like to stick to the owner, so the owner should be patient to accompany the cat, gentle care of the cat.

       4¡¢ Muppets also like to make friends. If your friends have cats, bring them to play with them. Cats must be very happy. Puppet cat is very good-natured and tolerant, especially for pain. Therefore, puppet cat can tolerate children’s play, suitable for getting along with children, and can get along with family harmoniously.

       5¡¢ Puppet cat is widely loved for its quiet and gentle character. No matter for the owner or for strangers, the cat is very friendly and has no sense of vigilance. As long as the owner calls the cat gently, the cat will run to the owner and play a coquette. If the owner is busy and has no time to play with the cat, the cat will wait for the owner to finish.

       6¡¢ Puppet cats are suitable for indoor breeding, so the cat keeping equipment at home should be complete, such as cat scratch board, cat climbing frame, etc., so as to reduce the possibility of cats scratching furniture and other items.

       The above is about how to raise Muppet cats. Do you think puppet cats are also very good?

       As a senior excrement shoveling officer, I would like to tell you that once you enter the “cat” door, it is as deep as the sea ~ ha ha~

       First step: please ask yourself seriously, are you really ready?

       Because cats don’t like to be close to people like dogs, they are cold and cold, and their intestines and stomachs are much more vulnerable than dogs, so they have to be picky about food. The most important thing in life is to prepare money. A cat’s daily living expenses include eating + using + playing + medical treatment. It takes at least hundreds of ocean a month. So once you decide to become a pooper, you have to do it all your life Cat service~

       Second step in raising cats: please seriously consider the issue of breed

       First of all, I don’t think the country cat is bad, but one thing to recognize is that:

       The breed of the cat does determine their habits. Some cats have hunting attributes in their genes. They are more energetic than pet cats. They like to run and jump and are very fast. Some cats are lazy by nature. There are short haired cats and long haired cats. They should be prepared to eat a piece of cat’s fur when eating~

       The third step of raising a cat: is it better to have a big cat or a little cat?


       Step 4: what do you need to prepare in advance? What must I buy?

       Above, are the minimum standard Oh ~ and the best to go to the hospital to do, after you can drive at home~

       So, what are the things listed above, which should be paid special attention to?

       Cat food: what brand should cat food choose? I recommend natural cat food! Because I was born in biology, you can look at the formula, if those meat powder is best not to choose, if all are fresh meat ingredients, you can choose Oh! What’s more, many people buy full term cat food, not recommended! Kitten is an important stage of development, skeletal development, visceral development, digestive system development! Therefore, the whole period of cat food can not fully meet the needs of kittens at all stages of nutrition; therefore, it is recommended to eat fresh cat food for kittens from 1 month to 12 months. Although it is made in China, it is really the domestic conscience cat food, which can soak goat’s milk, so it is especially suitable for the growth of young cat’s skeleton! Over 12 months old, eat adult cat food again! Because a lot of people, and I said that their cats are very thin, not fat, in fact, eat the wrong cat food has a lot to do with Oh!

       Cat bowl: it’s recommended to have a heavier one with adhesive tape at the bottom. It is recommended that you buy automatic circulation water bowls and have five cats. They all told me that cats and cats would prefer flowing water. Are there some pictures in the mobile phones of many excrement shoveling officers? Your cats go to the bathroom to drink tap water~

       Cat Toilet: I am more sensitive to the taste, so I bought a totally enclosed, * Alice. The only drawback is that it’s too big for a baby cat, and it takes up a lot of space.

       Cat litter: two kinds of products can be used. Small milk cat suggests using bean curd cat litter to reduce urinary tract infection, which is relatively clean. Moreover, the amount of milk cat can not be used directly to flush the toilet, which is more safe and hygienic; the big cat suggests using bentonite cat litter, which is anti-inflammatory. I use the king of Alice’s Bentonite cat litter, 9kg. Compared with other bentonite, it’s very clean, so it’s not bad;

       Cat’s Nest: cats like small space to have a sense of security. Sometimes the cat also likes to turn the nest upside down and buckle it on the ground with its mouth down. It can be used as a toy to play.

       Blanket: many new trial officers, I don’t know, kittens are especially afraid of catching cold. If it’s not easy to get cold, it’s easy to get loose. So prepare a special soft and comfortable blanket. It will take the initiative to lie on the ground, and use this blanket to hold him. He will also be very honest.

       Toys: buy as much as you can anyway. If you don’t want your furniture caught, you can buy more cat scratch boards. In this way, they can have a good time. No doubt, cats like to play with cat sticks best. They can buy a few more toys!.

       Also, nutrition cream, hair cream, cat grass, etc., next time is more detailed to share with you~

       My five cats and I have a lot of fun~

       Shovel Shiguan, I am proud!

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