Which one is better – which cat snack is better?

       There are many kinds of canned cats in the market, including staple food cans and snack cans. Which brand is better? As a senior cat slave, I have bought so many kinds of cat cans. I have to admit that Zhenzhi gold can is really good. The best tuna used in Zhenzhi gold jar are large pieces of human edible meat, which are the favorite of cats. They can supplement protein well, make the cat’s hair more glossy, and improve the cat’s interest in eating. It is definitely the first choice for novice cat slaves. You can also add a little cat food to the golden can to increase the cat’s appetite. In short, this can of cat will not step on thunder when you buy it home.

       Hello, cat friend. I’m in the same situation as you. I’ve been feeding the owner for a long time. In the last two years, I heard that it’s not good to only feed cat food to cats, but should be accompanied by cat snacks. Later, I tried almost all kinds of cat snacks to the owner, and tried some foreign high-grade cat snacks. It can be divided into the following categories: at first, the cat was given cheap “three no products” – Cat biscuits

       At that time, I didn’t have much experience. I wanted to make the owner happy, but I didn’t want to spend too much money. As a result, I had diarrhea and vomiting after eating it. Finally, I couldn’t go to the pet hospital. Only then did I know that it was because I ate cheap cat biscuits, so I never gave him cat biscuits again.

       In fact, it is OK to eat cat biscuits, but we need to eat them with safety assurance.

       I didn’t dare to buy a cheap one for the first time, so I bought the top canned cat. It’s good or good, but it’s too expensive. I gave it to the owner for about half a year, because I really can’t afford it. Rich people can try

       Later, the popular “net red cat candy” and “dried fish” were popular. Wow, I remember that it was a real fire at that time. I bought it after I read the evaluation on the * * website, but the owner was really not interested, and I couldn’t help

       Finally, I ate the lyophilized Longnuo until now. At that time, I inadvertently brushed it in * * because I personally preferred freeze-drying products and wanted to give it a try. So I bought a small bag of experience pack. Unexpectedly, the owner still liked it, so I kept eating it. I felt it was quite good~

       There are many brands of cat snacks. Here are some suggestions:

       Alice’s cat jelly: delicious meat jelly, one at a time, no deterioration left, convenient storage, delicious cat like.

       Wei TA Ka Fu cat strip: no pigment preservative, can improve the immune function of the cat, promote digestion, there are four flavors.


       Grenies cat cleaning snacks: clean the cat’s mouth and teeth, fresh breath, pre dental disease, but also conditioning the stomach, healthy and delicious.

       St. Lacey cat snack: cheese, chicken, fish three flavors, suitable for playing games with cats.

       Sancai cat snack: big bag, suitable for multi cat family.

       In addition, my cat likes to eat the kind of soft chicken breast strips used by dogs, you can try.

       Snacks as a small reward on the line, do not often feed. In addition, Weijia’s sandwich cakes mentioned above are the worst. There are food attractants in Weijia’s food. Of course, I don’t want to eat anything else. The ones I recommend are natural and healthy.

       When buying cat snacks, many netizens will ask what brand of cat snacks is good. In fact, we don’t need to care too much about the brand. The most important thing is to look at the sales volume and the buyer’s evaluation. In order to let you more intuitively see what brand of cat snacks is good, I have sorted out the cat snacks with the largest sales volume and the best evaluation.


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       If you want to buy cat snacks, you can collect this website and buy it through the link here

       The cat snacks with the largest sales volume and the best reputation are all here. The product name, price and store reputation are clear at a glance. You can choose a cat snack you like here. I wish you a happy shopping.

       In addition, you are welcome to join the QQ group (308443172), we will share with you the evaluation and preferential information of cat snacks as soon as possible.

       I hope it can help you.

       1. First of all, canned snacks and canned staple food are classified by cat friends according to their nutritional components. Staple food cans are rich in nutrition and can be eaten for a long time.

       2. Snack cans are mainly Japanese cans, Taiwan cans and Thai jars. They are cheap and a few yuan. Looking at the big pieces of meat inside, the nutrition is not comprehensive enough.. In addition, the taste of fish comes from Thailand, which is seriously polluted and has been added with food attractant. Therefore, cats like to eat. It is not good for health to eat cat food for a long time. Generally, domestic cat food will also be added (especially Weijia, I tried to put Weijia and imported natural cat food together, and the cat specially chooses Wei Li to eat it. If it is not my cat, I will never feed it to Weijia)…

       European cans, applaws, rainbow, etc. are also snack cans with good quality.

       3. The staple food cans are mainly American cans, wellness, snow mountain, Evo, etc., with prices of 10-30 yuan / 85g or more, of which Xueshan is the most cost-effective, with 12-15 yuan / 156g. U. S. cans into meat mud like, more comprehensive nutrition, but not strong palatability, but also better than cat food..

       4. Canned food is generally better than cat food, especially for cats who don’t like drinking water.. If the budget is OK, try to eat cat food with canned cat.

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