Who is smarter, Garfield or Siamese?

       When it comes to Garfield and Siamese cats, many parents feel that there is no comparison, because Garfield gives people the feeling of being stupid and cute, and it is particularly silly, thinking that the IQ must be very low. The Siamese cat looks slim and slender, and its movements are more flexible. It seems that the IQ of Siamese cat is not low, and there is no comparability at all! This is not the case.

       In fact, Garfield’s IQ is very high, just that it is lazy in appearance and unwilling to pay attention to you, but it can easily judge the owner’s mood. If the host’s mood is very good, it will become very naughty, but if the master’s mood is not too good, it will show very clever. So Garfield is a very sensitive and understanding cat.

       However, although Siamese cats look very smart, in fact, Siamese cats are a bit silly, but this is only when they play with their owners or act coquettish. Siamese cats are actually very smart, and can quickly learn the skills of somersault and throwing back objects. If compared with Garfield cats, Siamese cats are more intelligent than Garfield cats, and train Siamese cats to do some simple things It’s a lot easier than training Garfield. However, whether a cat is smart or not has a lot to do with its parents’ genes. If the parents are raised in a cage and are quiet, the kitten will inherit this character, and it will be a bit clumsy. However, if the environment of a kitten is very free, and has contact with people since childhood, the cat is generally not stupid.

       However, after the feedback from parents, most parents still prefer the cute and cute cats. Maybe you have to fight with them every day, no matter whether you like stupid cats or smart cats. As long as it is their own home is the best!