Why can’t the cat go out? Can the cat take it out??

       Most of them can’t. They are timid. My cat shrinks into a motionless mass when they are taken out. It is said that Siamese cat is the only cat that can walk like a dog.

       This is also related to the cat’s character. Most domestic cats have grown up at home and have never seen the world. They are nervous outside. If the cat is always carried out from childhood, the courage is big, perhaps can be a small range of yo yo

       Haha, I also wanted to walk my cat, but because it had never come out before, I didn’t see so many people, so when I brought it out, he was so scared that he drilled under my pants, and his tail made that kind of noise. So, you’d better be taken for a walk, which is good for him

       Who says it can’t slip, I’ll walk the cat, and I don’t need to tie a rope. It follows people on its own, but it will walk for an hour and a half. It will be tired after too long, so sometimes it will lie on the grass for a rest when it is tired. It’s very cute. I have proved that cats can run like dogs, and they are not inferior to dogs

       Cats are animals with personality. They don’t like being forced by others. Some cats like to go out, while others don’t like or even hate going out. My family doesn’t like to go out. Even if I like to go out, I’m not willing to let others tie me out. If I don’t tie it firmly, the cat will break free. By the way, the cat’s self-esteem is very strong, please don’t force the cat to do what it hates!

       In fact, many of them like indoor life very much. It’s a burden to take them out. Except, of course, cats that are used to stocking. If your cat is always at home, it is likely to be very afraid of the noise of cars and the flu of strangers.

       But if you want to have a try, it’s not impossible. The premise is that your cat must be deworming in and out of the body, and has been vaccinated against rabies for more than a week. You must choose a strong and reliable traction rope for it, because if the cat is frightened, it has great power to escape. It can completely break free of you and run away. Once it runs away, it is difficult to call it back. After all, cats are not as obedient as dogs. This situation is very dangerous, it may run away, hide, cross the road with traffic

       With the tow rope in your hand, you can control it and protect it. When you go out for the first time, it is recommended to put the cat in the schoolbag (special pet backpack is better and more comfortable). You should put the bag on your chest and let it show its head. First choose a quiet place with few cars and few people and observe its reaction. Although it’s in the schoolbag, it’s easy to escape, so you should also tie up the traction rope and hold one end of the rope firmly in your hand.

       It may be very afraid of the outside environment, a force into the bag, you can accompany it to stay outside for a while, do not force him out. But if it’s the same every time you go out, I think you’d better give up the idea of taking it out to play, because it doesn’t like it.

       If it shows a strong interest in the outside world and has no fear of any strange objects and sounds, it means that it is a brave and curious cat. This kind of cat may be trained into a cat that can walk. How to walk the cat also has a lot of knowledge, here I will not say much, but you can search “Siam cat Zhang Radish”, it is a famous tourist! His own blog has a lot of references about walking cats, which is very useful and interesting.

       Cats can go out to play or walk.

       With the tow rope in your hand, you can control it and protect it. It is suggested to put the cat in the schoolbag for the first time

       The pet backpack is better and more comfortable). You should carry the schoolbag on your chest and let it show its head. Choose quieter first

       Where there are few cars and few people, observe its reaction. Although it is in the schoolbag, but it is also easy to escape, so also to put

       Pull the rope and hold one end firmly in your hand.

       It may be very afraid of the outside environment. It will drill into the bag and you can accompany it to stay outside for a while

       Don’t force him out. But if it’s the same every time you go out, I think you’d better give up the idea of taking it out to play, because it’s

       I don’t like it in my heart.

       Pet cats are generally afraid of going out, a dragon at home and a worm outside

       But it would be better if I took it out for a walk since I was a child, especially Siamese cats are like dogs. Cats can take them out. When one of my family goes out, he stands on my shoulder and feels very powerful

       But if you don’t take her out for a long time, he will be afraid of hiding

       And don’t tie a rope around his neck like a dog, so they won’t move

       In fact, pet cats don’t have to go out. You can prepare them at home to climb the price. They will have a good time

       Cats can walk

       The owner can walk the cat, but not all cats are suitable for walking. In fact, very few owners will walk the cat, because the cat itself belongs to the relatively independent feline family, and does not like the place that he is not familiar with. Some kinds of cats can walk, and the owner can deal with it according to the cat in his home.

       A cat is usually a small animal with a very unique personality. It usually doesn’t come to the house on its own initiative, unless it really has no way to eat or find a safe place, or it feels that it has special affinity with you, especially like its former owner. However, no matter what the reason is, it is a life. How can you easily drive it away and live a life of endless hunger and cold.

       When you come to the door, you should first distinguish whether it is a real stray cat or a neighbor’s cat. If you are dirty, you can clearly see that you are tired or your eyes are shining on food, it is probably a stray cat. If you’re clean and have no interest in food, it’s likely that the cat just slipped out of your house for a while.

       For cats with owners, we can let them play at home for a while. Maybe they will leave by themselves soon. If you are a stray cat and you don’t accept this kind of animal, you can send it to the local rescue center or adopt it temporarily, at least to ensure that it has food to eat and water to drink.

       If you plan to keep it, you can take it to the pet hospital if you have the conditions. Then you can do all the knowledge reserves and tools for raising cats, such as cat litter. If there are other pets or cats in the house, they should be quarantined. To avoid fighting each other or spreading disease. Then slowly let it adapt to the environment.

       Because in the past, it was believed that cats would bring good luck and fortune, so cats can’t catch up. After all, every family would like to have good luck.

       Some people think that cats are money makers. Cats coming home will bring fortune. Although they may leave dirty footprints and cat fur, and it’s troublesome to clean them up, it’s better to give them some food if it’s convenient, which will help to improve the family’s fortune.

       In fact, I’m in awe of cats, which are spiritual animals. On the one hand, I like the cute appearance of cats. On the other hand, I’m afraid of those more evil cats in the legend, so I don’t usually go to see cats.

       If there are cats at home, it is better to feed them some food to avoid them jumping around the house. Moreover, if it is some stray cats, giving some food may save their lives. In terms of respecting life, it is better not to drive them away at will.

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