Why cats always jump off buildings – why do cats jump

       Since entering the pet industry, I have dealt with many pet doctors. A few days ago, I saw a cat jumping off a building in a doctor’s circle of friends.

       Maybe it was because of the adverse water. He met the cat jumping off the building for two days in a row. The one on the first day went home to recuperate. It may be because he was naughty and fell down the building. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. The next day, he was not so lucky. When he arrived at the doctor’s office, he was already a cold corpse, and he was also a mother cat with six hundred years’ worth. The owner said that it jumped down from the upstairs.

       Such a tragedy, of course, the owner is duty bound.

       In fact, people who work in hospitals will more or less encounter several “cat jumping” cases every month. These cats may have skin bruises, broken legs, internal organs, broken ribs, and even one step away from death. Of course, there must be an anxious host nearby.

       So why do cats behave like this?! It seems that only cats do.

       Curiosity Kills the cat

       In China, since ancient times, there has been a saying that Curiosity Kills cats. Besides, cats are not only curious, they also like high places.

       So, once they get a chance, they always jump on unprotected windowsills or balcony railings.

       However, these can only be regarded as daily for them ~ ~ although they like working at heights, their balance ability is not comparable to that of ordinary animals, so they can easily cross even very high and narrow places.

       But if you walk by the river, you can’t get wet shoes. What’s more, the ancients also said: people have faults, horses have hoofs, so cats have lost their palms.

       When it comes to cat climbing, the owner is usually lucky. If they jump on the window for the first time, their vigilance will be reduced if there is no accident; if they are safe for the second time, their vigilance will be lowered again. After so many times, many owners will let them walk freely on the balcony or window edge.

       It’s just, can you always guarantee that they won’t happen?

       If there is a bird sitting in front of them when they are squatting and sitting high, they may slip because they want to catch them.

       After all, they have a strong curiosity. At the same time, they are also natural hunters. When the prey is in front of them, their hunting DNA is bound to boil.

       In addition, there is an accident because they are not aware of their own physical abilities, such as they are getting fat ~ ~ you know, not all fat cats can fly~~

       They still have a flying heart, just??

       It’s a reality.

       Finally, I would like to remind you: if you have cats and live in high buildings, please try to install screen windows; if you can, please seal the balcony; don’t wait for an accident to think of protection, and at the same time, don’t gamble with their lives!!! Remember!!!

       What’s more, please take them to the hospital as soon as possible after they are injured!!!

       In a city, there is a very smart cat. It has glossy fur as dark as night and bright eyes. In that city, it learned to eat, take a bath, go shopping, and even climb stairs. Every day it would climb to the top of the city’s tallest building to bask in the sun. On the whole, it is a smart, diligent cat who can enjoy life. One day, he fell in love with the bird on top of another building. It was also a beautiful bird with a smart mouth and elegant feathers. After cats fall in love with birds, they chat and laugh all day long, and when they are happy, birds will fly around the roof, but never fly to the roof where the cat is. Many days later, the cat liked that one more. But it didn’t ask the birds to come. Many days later, the cat made a big decision. It was a cloudy day, the cat did not hesitate to rush to the building where the bird was, and then stretched out its limbs in mid air and began to fly for the first time in its life like a bird. As a result, it fell straight down, from the top of the city’s tallest building, onto the sidewalk. The cat wasn’t dead, it was just a limp. The bird stayed on the roof for a few days without seeing the cat, so it had to fly away. A few days later, the bird fell in love with another bird. Since the day when the cat was lame, it also began to forget a lot of things. Finally, when the leg wound healed, it also forgot how to climb the stairs. At the end of the story, for good people, I may have forgotten to say a hypothesis. The cat hurt not only its leg but also its brain when it fell down.

       This is indeed a fantastic story. One might ask why the clever cat did not climb up from the building where the bird was and meet the bird. But it’s just a cat. This kind of helplessness is easy to associate with people who once had brilliant youth and flying ideals, but now they are mediocre. As bright as water, beautiful youth has no signature, they are like birds, they will not wait forever, they know how to fly. It’s just that we don’t understand. We forget a lot of things like cats. We don’t understand that when we choose to forget, youth begins to lose; when we choose numbness, youth will pass forever.

       You can’t seal the balcony and install screens. Can you stop raising cats? Zhitu travel

       My cat used to walk on the balcony and never saw it jump.

       LZ your cat is very depressed.

       My little friend and I

       My little friend and I

       LZ, do you abuse cats? = =£¡ Zhitu travel

       In LZ room, there is only one bookcase, one bed and one IKEA wardrobe

       Is your cat male or female Zhitu travel

       LZ, do you abuse cats? = =£¡ LZ, do you abuse cats? = =£¡ LZ, do you abuse cats? = =£¡ LZ, do you abuse cats? = =£¡


       Then ~ ~ is that room dirty!! And killed your cat ~ ~ you’d better buy another one as soon as possible ~ it seems that animals and animals are generally psychic ~ if there is nothing to protect, you will be attacked LZ —- an—

       The first time it was a cat***

       The second jump is you sb!!!!

       Don’t have a cat!!!! You don’t deserve it, LAN LAN

       Anyway, 2012 is coming. Your cat thinks, it’s no longer a year or two

       kingsun_ paladin

       The mother jumps first, and the man dies for love????????? [cancelled]

       There’s something dirty in your house. On time, one, two, one

       There are birds and insects flying over the cat, and then they jump

       Don’t keep a cat if the balcony is not closed

       Monkey god rubbing the ground

       Cats are very curious animals, coupled with their flexible body, they like to hang out in dangerous places

       Domestic cats don’t have much freedom. Sometimes when they see birds, they will fall downstairs

       Most annoying people say that my cat is smart and won’t fall

       I can only hope that your cat is careful enough to take care of himself, because he has a careless and lucky master.

       LZ, I don’t want to comfort you

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