Why do cats always wet their beds?

       The reasons for the cat’s bed wetting include dissatisfaction with the litter basin, the arrival of the cat’s estrus, and the infection of the cat’s urethra.

       1. Not satisfied with the litter basin

       Most of the time, the proud cat owner just doesn’t like your litter basin and solves it directly on the bed, or you don’t clean the litter basin in time. The cat thinks it’s too dirty to use it. After all, many cats are quite clean.

       2. It’s time for the cat to go into heat

       For the male cats at this time, they like to pee everywhere to leave their own traces. Moreover, the smell of the cats in the estrus period is also quite special, and the female cats in the estrus period have a high probability of urinating. Of course, after the estrus, this situation will gradually improve.

       3. Urinary tract infection in cats

       At this time, disorderly urination will occur, and the frequency of urination is obviously increased, the smell is abnormal, and the cat’s expression is also more painful. It is possible that when the cat is playing in bed, it is difficult for him to control it. At this time, the owner should pay attention to observation and send it to the hospital in time to confirm the condition.

       Extended data:

       Cat character:

       He is lively, independent, clingy, curious and adventurous. Of course, because of the genetic uncertainty, some of them may be quiet. When they are young, they may be a little aggressive. In fact, they regard people as playmates, and they will catch and bite their masters. But listen carefully, they snore, so they are very happy ¡£

       Cats also have a great characteristic, that is, their personality is changeable. When they need help most, if you give them a helping hand, they will remember your good, until they meet the next person who will give them a helping hand, they will forget you. At this moment, it’s hard to guess their thoughts. Maybe the first moment is still nestling in your side, the next moment is painful and cruel, biting you.

       Black footed cat

       If cats don’t pee in the litter pan, they pee on your bed, which is absolutely maddening. If the cat is sick and causes disorderly urination, the owner can only cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat well, and this will not happen again. If a healthy cat can also wet the bed, you need to find out the real cause as soon as possible, otherwise bed wetting will happen repeatedly.

       First of all, you can observe whether the cat is in estrus. Cats in estrus will spray urine to transmit information, especially male cats. They generally spray urine when they are in estrus, and their spray range is very wide. Furniture edge, room corner, sofa and bed may be their targets. Their purpose is only to make love to the nearby female cats.

       If your cat has been sterilized or is not in estrus at all, it is likely that they can’t stand the dirty litter basin to wet the bed. Cleaning the litter basin once a day can prevent the cat from urinating in your bed. In addition, some owners use litter basins with covers for their cats. However, not all cats can accept this kind of litter basin. Once they find it more difficult to get in and out of the litter basin than they think, they will directly ignore the existence of the litter basin.

       There are also cats who wet their beds to swear sovereignty. There are many owners who will sleep with the cat, which is nothing, but if one day a new member of the family – whether it is a cat or a dog, or even a human being – comes to the bed, the cat will leave smelly urine in order to swear sovereignty, and they will never give the new member a good look in their daily life.

       My cat is too much

       I went to travel on May Day and was not at home for a few days. It pulled a lump of hard Baba in my lying position

       A cat pees on the bed and fouls the bed is dissatisfied with its owner.

       It is estimated that the kitten has been wandering, so she is especially worried about the owner’s abandonment. If she can’t see you one day, she will be worried and unhappy, so she urinates in your bed = v=

       Maybe it’s oestrus, cats and dogs are in spring and autumn, urinating around is to spread the smell, attract the opposite sex! It’s usually six to eight months old! The second estrus can be mated! The cat in estrus is easy to run around! Can be caged for a few days! Three to six days later! Male cats are in estrus every two weeks, and female cats are in estrus every three to four weeks!

       A: all the excrement removal officers who have raised cats must be impressed with the problem of cats wetting their beds. So, what are the reasons why cats are so persistent in bed wetting? Now let’s take a good look at it and find out how to solve the problem. Remember to collect and praise Xiao Bian Ao.

       The four major factors leading to cat bed wetting: pathological factors: if the cat has bed wetting, the possible health problems should be eliminated first, especially urinary system diseases such as urinary calculi, cystitis, urinary tract infection, etc. If the cat frequently goes in and out of the litter basin, the urine volume is very small, and the excretion is accompanied by painful howling. Or abnormal urine color, smell and other phenomena. It’s better to send the doctor for consultation in time.

       Physiological factors – no birth control: if the cat is not sterilized, the estrous cat will use the way of urination to mark the territory or attract the opposite sex. Especially male cats.

       Physiological factors: bed wetting after sterilization: some cats have hormone disorder after sterilization, and it will take some time to reduce hormone level. At this time, Ta retain the memory of estrus and continue to urinate for a period of time.

       External factors: as for the external factors, in the final analysis, it is still that the excrement removal officer has not found out the temper of his cat roommate. In a more colloquial way, it is that the owner of the cat dislikes your service. Including but not limited to: litter basin is too dirty, too small, improper location, do not like the present litter, etc.

       Psychological factors: for example, stress reaction, no two tigers in one mountain, etc. In addition, there is also a situation that in order to improve the degree of attention, you may urinate in your bed, because cats are animals who are afraid of being ignored by their owners.

       According to the above reasons, the ways to solve the problem are as follows:

       1. Thoroughly clean up the traces of cat urine: This is the first task to solve the problem of cat bed wetting. Cat urine contains special substances. Although humans can’t smell it after washing with water, cats can still smell it, and they will follow the smell again.

       2. Seek medical treatment in case of illness: whether the cat is suffering from urinary system diseases, or suffering from stress or anxiety disorders, they should be treated in a timely manner. For the prevention of urinary system diseases, the cat should drink more water (eat more wet food / use circulating water dispenser, etc.), pay attention to the health of the cat’s body, and feed gouden nutrition cream twice or three times a week.

       3. Sterilization at the right age: if there is no breeding plan for cats, it is recommended to sterilize as early as possible. The average kitten can be sterilized in eight months.

       4. Pay attention to the cleaning of litter: select a proper size litter basin and clean the litter in time. It is recommended to shovel at least once a day, completely replace the litter every 1-2 weeks, and clean the litter basin with detergent and disinfectant.

       5. Correct the misurination of cats: we should learn from them. No matter how long after the event, we should take the cat to the place where we urinate and give a good reprimand. Reprimand to take the key words, each time fixed and concise, so that the cat easy to remember. At the end of the training, you can use the nose / buttocks to show punishment, and throw the paper towel to clean the cat’s urine into the cat cage, and lock the cat in for 10 minutes for reflection. After the end of confinement, you should immediately start to correct the habit, put the cat in the litter basin, and encourage toilet.

       6. Encourage proper toilet behavior: for cats who have a disorderly urine habit, we should not only let them know where they have done wrong, but also let them know how to do the right thing. So if you are at home all day, you can put the cat in the litter pan every two hours. Once it urinates, it will give oral praise and snack reward in time. If you are an office worker, you can use the morning and evening to train them to go to the toilet correctly.

       Did you sterilize? The female cat will enter the first estrus in 6-8 months ~ ~ generally, the male cat likes to pee everywhere! Some female cats also have this phenomenon ~ ~ if hair is excluded That’s where you didn’t clean your urine! Only water and washing powder can’t clean the residual smell of cat urine! You can’t smell cats. You can’t smell cats. You need to buy special water to clean cat urine

       There is no relationship between diarrhea and estrus. Our baby is also male. Generally, male cats will urinate everywhere in estrus, but some will not. In addition, the male is in estrus due to the call of the female cat. Your baby Bella’s stomach should be eating bad food or other reasons. But there is one thing, male cats in heat can easily run away. You have to be careful

       1. Ask the veterinarian to castrate the cat. After castration, the behavior of spraying urine can be eliminated or significantly reduced. In addition, castration can prevent normal cats from spraying urine.

       2. Feed at the urine spray. Cats have the characteristics of clean, generally do not spray urine at the eating place. Therefore, this method can correct the abnormal behavior of spraying urine.

       3. Invert several mousetraps at the cat’s urine spray area.

       4. Punish the cat with water gun. Whenever cat owners find that cats spray urine, they immediately spray water on cats with water guns, which can correct this abnormal behavior over time.

       5. Injection of progesterone. Can choose medroxyprogesterone subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, once a day, each time 10-20 mg / kg body weight, continuous injection for a month.

       Do you have any new pets or guests. Cats may be competing for favors and declaring possessiveness, which means that they love you very much.

       Or in the heat. Go and get sterilized.

       With toilet water or orange peel on the bed, the cat hates the smell and doesn’t go to bed. Prepare a few more litter basins on the edge of the bed, as soon as it finds that it wants to wet the bed, quickly throw it into the basin.

       If you can determine which cat did it, catch the current, beat it hard, spoil it more often, and let its careful eye balance

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