Why do cats like to bite people? What should I do if cats like to bite people?

       It is the learning process of cat hunting behavior.

       Cats are completely carnivorous animals, playing the role of predators in the food chain. Therefore, they have hunting behavior since childhood. This is a kind of nature. The objects of training are mothers or brothers and sisters. They learn how to bite in the process of the game. However, when the cats were brought home by humans, the subjects of study and practice were gone, so only humans were left to practice. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon that cats bite people, which is a learning process of hunting behavior.

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       How to prevent cats from biting people?

       1. From the beginning of childhood to develop good habits for cats, try not to tease him with his hands, especially do not put the fingers on his mouth and then suddenly take away, this action will make him take your hands as prey, claw and bite your hands.

       2. When you play with them, you can apply the bitter agent on your hands, and the cat will naturally hate to bite your hand when it tastes bitter; or you can also use toys instead of hands to accompany the cat with toys (such as cat Teaser stick) to divert its attention, so that the cat knows that the cat stick is its prey, not the hands and feet of human beings. This can not only meet the needs of cats for sports and play, reduce the chance of biting people, but also establish a good relationship between people and cats.

       3. The water gun is also a prop that can teach kittens. When a cat wants to bite your hands and feet, you can shoot it from behind. When the cat is scared, it will stop biting. After several times, it will associate the biting with the bad impression of being sprayed by the water gun. There will be no such action again.

       Note: when the cat bites your hands and feet, if you yell and scold or have excessive physical reactions, it will only make the cat think you want to play with it, and it can’t understand your pain, instead, it will make it want to continue to bite. Therefore, it is suggested that the cat should not make too much noise as far as possible, and should give a warning, let the cat open its mouth, and then walk out of the room, and do not interact with the cat for the time being Let the cat know that even if it bites, it will not play, and it will lose interest after a long time. Never punish the cat afterwards. This will not only destroy the mutual trust between you and the cat, but also make some cats more likely to attack.

       Cats, like all predators that hunt for a living, face competition from birth. Although they have not yet opened their eyes, they have begun to compete with each other for the nipples with the most milk. Sometimes the strongest kittens will crowd the weak kittens aside and monopolize the nipples with the most milk. This is a “survival of the fittest” in nature. Only healthy kittens can survive. When kittens grow up, they begin to play with their brothers and sisters. This kind of play is actually a process of learning skills. The mother cat will teach the kitten to bite the neck of its prey and cure the enemy (domestic cats have no chance to catch live prey, which is usually demonstrated to other children by one of their own children). At the same time, the cat mother will bite the skin on the back of the child’s neck to bring the little guy back.

       When the kitten is two months old, it’s time to leave her mother. After entering the new family, they become “only children”, so cats regard people (especially human fingers or toes) as their playmates. It is the nature of kittens to be lively, mischievous and curious. Sometimes they like to gnaw with people’s fingers. On the one hand, they are playing, on the other hand, they are also grinding their teeth (cats, like human beings, need to change their teeth). People always like to tease him with their hands. The feeling of a cat’s teeth biting on his hand is funny and painless. Therefore, many parents of one-child cats do not discipline them. To some extent, they connive at the formation of the habit of biting people. Some people like to feed cats with food in their hands or tease cats with toys in their hands. Kittens have not yet learned to shrink their claws. They do not know how important they are. If they are not careful, they will catch people. If the owner does not stop it and let the cat know that it is not right, the cat will develop the habit of catching people. When the cat grows up, its teeth are big and sharp, and its nails are sharp. If you chew your fingers and grab your arms like you did when you were a child, you can’t eat it! At this time, it is not as easy to discipline as when I was a child.

       So how to prevent the cat from biting and catching people?

       First of all, from childhood to develop a good habit of contact with humans, let him know that some of his behavior is not liked by the owner. When a kitten unconsciously holds your finger and gnaws, you can yell and scold or make angry sounds while playing. At the same time, you can pat him on the head immediately (the strength should be controlled well, not too heavy, otherwise he will hate you; nor too light, otherwise he will think you are playing with him), and then extend your finger to him; he will usually be vindictive Once again, you pat him on the head again, and then extend your finger to him Do this four or five times until he doesn’t bite your hand hard, but gently puts your finger in his mouth. The next time you encounter him biting, you should use this method. Generally, you will get good results within a month. Of course, the cat’s teeth grinding and play needs to be taken care of. You can prepare some toys for him, such as paper balls, toys for cats, mice and so on, so that the kitten can vent their energy and meet his chewing needs.

       So how to teach kittens not to show their nails when they are in contact with people?

       The truth is the same. When he is eating food from your hand warmly and anxiously, he will accidentally bite your hand. At this time, you should make an angry voice or yell at him to let him know that you don’t like it. When playing with a cat, try not to tease the cat directly with a toy in his hand. The cat is careless when playing, and his reaction speed is faster than that of a person. He often catches you when you are unprepared. You can tie the toy to a long rope, or tie a rope to the end of a slender stick (about the length of two chopsticks added up), and tie a toy to the end of the rope to make the cat play, so as to prevent the cat from catching your hand.

       Another point is to develop good habits for the cat from childhood. Try not to tease him with his hands, especially not to put his fingers on his mouth and then suddenly take them away. This kind of action will make him take your hands as prey and grab and bite your hands.

       Second, conditional friends can consider raising two cats at the same time. Two cats can play well with each other, and they will not be lonely when their owners are not at home. Moreover, with playmates, their interest in attacking people will be greatly reduced.

       Kittens are like a piece of white paper, just like a human child. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Only through the patient education of their owners can they form good living habits and live with human beings harmoniously and happily.

       Kittens are mischievous when they grow up. They like to gnaw and bite magic claws everywhere. If their owners don’t want to be bitten by cats, they shouldn’t use their hands to tease them when they are young. In this way, they will think that hands are toys in the subconscious of cats. When they grow up, they will naturally attack your hands and bite your hands. Therefore, you can buy some teasing sticks to tease them when they are young. In the long-term, subconscious cats will not treat their owners Hand as a toy, bite you

       If a cat wants to bite people, the first thing is education. The hairy child doesn’t know the rules. If he can open his mouth, he will bite. He has no quality and is not polite. Therefore, he has to teach with all his heart. If education is regarded as the wind in the ear, he will fight, and there will be filial sons under the stick! Take slippers hit, charger cable hit, its teeth can drop a few, at most a few tufts of hair, do not worry about.. Really can’t, still use love to warm it! Hairy children also know how to love people, so they bite your hand, and then you cry, it can’t bear to mouth…

       If your cat loves biting, and you don’t have the heart to discipline you, it’s not OK. He will think you’re not afraid of him. Next time he bites you, you must attack him, and he will be afraid of you. In addition, to remind you, cats like to bite people, you must first hit the epidemic vaccine. If the slight injury bites, you should wash the injured place with soap in time. If the bite bleeding, a Be sure to go to the hospital for injection, which is the premise of rabies prevention.

       The cat I keep at home is often bitten by it. Once, when I was feeding it to eat, he bit me with excitement. When I was angry, I almost didn’t kill it. But later, I heard from my colleagues that the cat used your hand as a toy. You can try the spray bottle. When the cat bites you, it sprays water on his face a few times, or it immediately sprays it after it bites you. After education, it doesn’t know where it is wrong. Or yell loudly, do not really hit, otherwise the cat will be sad. The cat hates the smell of lemon or orange, or rub the orange peel and lemon peel on his hand for a few times. Finally, I can prepare some toys for him, such as cat claw version. In the past, I made a small ball of wool for my cat to play with, hanging it with a rope and swinging it around. The cat and cat would have a good time and disperse his energy.

       In fact, a cat is an animal that can look at people’s faces. If you hit it with a high decibel, it will understand. But the cat’s memory is not very good, once my family Simba hit my favorite crystal cup, that weather I beat it hard, but it is too fat, hit my hands hurt. In this way, I managed it for a whole night. The next day, I thought that I was in debt to him, so I opened his favorite can. At first, he ignored me and didn’t eat canned food. But the temptation of canned food was so great that I resisted it for 10 minutes. After eating the can, I rubbed my leg with its big tail. I can’t change the glass in my house at night. My cat is also very fond of rubbing claws on the sofa. As long as I find it and yelling it out loud, it can understand it. If it doesn’t listen, it will be locked up directly.

       In fact, cats are very smart. Before my family, there was a big white cat, who also liked to bite people. When playing, they also liked to stretch their paws. At that time, my hands were miserable. Later, I consciously corrected it. When it opened its mouth and bit me or stretched out its claws, it issued a warning sound and took action. If it bit me, I would play its mouth, or hold its teeth, hold its mouth, and not shut it up. When you stretch your paw, you’ll play with the one that’s outstretched. In order to strengthen its memory, I also deliberately teased it to open its mouth, extend its claws, and then play. After one afternoon’s training, it will be effective. After that, when I bite and stretch my paw, I will give a warning, and it will immediately withdraw its claws and close its mouth. After a long time, they will not bite or arrest people.

       My little dove, nearly five months ago, is very lively every day. Every day when he comes back from work, he has to quarrel with him for a long time, otherwise he has no place to vent his energy and won’t go to bed at night. Look at me after work. The cat doesn’t like to be scratched by me, so he wants to scratch me. However, how can I scratch it? First, I cut its claws short, and then I often train it. As long as the cat wants to put its mouth on my hand, I pretend to be hurt and scream, and the cat is scared and dare not speak to me. I’ve been playing bad with my teddy. The cat has to be taught since childhood. If it is not taught well, it will have some bad habits, but there is no need to be afraid of it. As long as you have patience, the cat can be taught well. Just like a child, you can say more and train more, or give a slap and a sweet date. With clear rewards and punishments, the cat’s biting habit can be eliminated.

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