Why do cats like to sleep in litter

       1. Prepare clean litter and litter basin. After the cat is convenient in the basin, it should be cleaned up in time, because cats and cats are very clean animals. Although the poop will be buried with litter after defecation, the cat will not like it, which will make it convenient to go to other places. So be sure to keep the litter basin clean.

       2. If you find that the cat has defecation intention, you should immediately put it in the designated litter basin, and let it defecate in it. When the cat defecates in the litter basin, you can praise him with a gentle tone. Although he can’t understand what we say, the praise and gentle tone can be heard and praised, which is helpful to the formation of good habits.

       3. If you find a cat defecate in the wrong place, you should immediately catch him, catch him in time, yell at him, or spray his face with a small watering pot filled with water to punish him. However, it is not recommended to hit the cat, because the effect is not good, and it will arouse their rebellious psychology.

       4. After that, he put his poop in the litter basin prepared for him. Then he took the cat and asked him to smell his own stool. He grasped one of her front paws and taught him to bury the stool. After several times of repetition, the cat could remember the place and procedure of defecation.

       5. Cat litter basin must be fixed in a place, do not change to change, remember.

       6. Once the cat’s wrong stool must be cleaned up in time, if there is residual smell, there is a risk of repeating the same mistake. And because cats smell twice as much as humans, maybe we can

       Think it’s no smell, and the cat can smell it, so you can use deodorant to clean up the spoilage. Deodorant is common in pet stores, and it’s not expensive. If you can’t buy it, you can wipe it with 84 disinfectant diluted with water in proportion, or spray toilet water to cover the smell

       I hope it can help you.

       Kitty, I love sleeping in the litter box ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! Radish rabbit. Tomato king to buy a deep sleep cat’s nest. The cat likes the kind of place with strong confidentiality. The old aunt’s house is rotten. I suggest you get a paper box to give it [cancelled] their nest is carton paper ~ ~ ~ my first time using cat litter is inexperienced, cat litter is also in the carton ~ ~ ~ sweat!! That ~ ~ ~ just went to see, a cat is still sleeping in the litter box on all fours!!!! Tomato king to buy a cat toilet, and then buy a cat house with strong confidentiality [cancelled] ah ~ ~ ~ I put the paper box on the side ~ ~ ~ but they still don’t go to bed ~ ~ they all jump to the top of the box to sleep ~ ~ sweat [cancelled] deep sleep cat nest search, it seems very good ppppppppls Ha ha ha ~ he wants to play in the litter ~ when I change the litter, they also catch and play in it ~ the big hooligan of my family starts sleeping on the litter, spraying it with water, telling it where it can’t sleep, and then it understands. [cancelled] they will fall asleep in the litter!! And sleep together!! Fat cactus * it’s just fun. Just tell him to come out. My son used to play in the cat toilet when he was young, and fell asleep when he was tired. I called him out and said, stink to death!!!! He doesn’t sleep in it anymore. You can understand me!

       There are the following solutions.

       Touching the kitten often makes the kitten feel safe.

       There are some kitten’s toys to add affection.

       Use some of the cat’s favorite foods to appease the kitten.

       Kittens always sleep in litter mainly due to tension, not adapt to the environment and other effects.

       On the diet of kittens: kittens can not feed milk, most of the kittens have lactose intolerance, easy to have diarrhea!

       Second, don’t feed the cat what people eat.

       The nutritional ratio of what people eat is not suitable for the needs of cats.

       Artificial additives are not good for cats.

       Cats don’t sweat and are vulnerable. They don’t need to eat salt food, otherwise they lose their hair and are prone to disease.

       Buy kitten’s food within 2 months, soak it in hot water and do not scald it.

       For 2-12 months, feed the kittens directly. If they want to grow fat, they should keep the food in the bowl. The amount should be enough to eat every day. Once in a while, add canned or cooked fish. If you want it to be in good shape, feed it three times.

       Cat food hygiene, nutrition in the comprehensive, balanced, only eat this will not be a problem.

       Food must ensure that there is boiled water to drink, not too little, or easy to breed bacteria, change every day.

       Change to cat food after 1 year old.

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