Why do cats love to lie on the ground – why do cats always lie on the ground

       Cats sleep half of the day. Cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep. There are 20 pictures of cats in traditional Chinese painting. Cats sleep more than 20 hours. Therefore, cats are called “lazy cats”. However, if you carefully observe the sleeping appearance of the cat, you will find that as long as there is a sound, the cat’s ears will move, and if someone approaches, it will jump up. Originally, the cat is a hunting animal. In order to be sensitive to all the movements of the outside world, it does not sleep very dead, so it should not be called “lazy”.

       The sun has a unique attraction for many animals, especially cats, which have been specially studied. Family cat friends do not know whether to pay attention to, cats like to sunbathe. Especially in winter, the cat often lies on the windowsill with sunlight to sleep. Niels Finson, a Danish scientist, was interested in this behavior of cats, and he observed it carefully. He found that cats like to sleep in the sun, and their bodies change positions with the movement of the sun. Once, when he was watching a sunburn, he found that the cat was always moving towards the sun. He observed carefully and found that there was a festering wound on the cat’s body. The cat was using the sun to treat the wound. The cat just uses the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight to kill the bacteria on the body, so as to prevent and cure the disease. Inspired by this idea, Nils Finson began the research on the physiological effect of light on human body and achieved success. He became the first expert in the world to use natural light to treat diseases because of his discovery of “solar therapy”, and made outstanding contributions to the treatment of skin diseases with ultraviolet rays. In 1930, Nils Finson won the prize for medicine and physiology. Since then, sunbathing has become a kind of fashion for human beings and has been widely used all over the world. The reason why cats are exposed to the sun is that their fur can produce vitamin D after being exposed to the sun. Therefore, cats like to lick their fur, which is a vitamin supplement. If you don’t get in the sun, there will be bacteria and fleas. If the cat doesn’t like to bask in the sun or because she doesn’t want to be in the sun by herself, you can put a little sun on the balcony as the owner, and then you can sit on the balcony, and she will bask with you or play with you.

       If it’s a cat, it will be like this when it comes to a new home. You can have a cat that loves to run and jump. You need to find time to play with it. The process of playing with kittens is also the process of establishing a good relationship between you. Cats are different from dogs. Cats are very independent. So if you want to get along well with cats, of course, you have to please others first, so playing with cats is also a process of emotional accumulation. If the cat is happy, it will be good for you. You need to buy cat climbing frame, cat scratch board and so on. The cat will like it very much. Because the cat can also play by itself, it will like to climb up and down on the cat, or rest on its stomach. In short, you need to give it something that belongs to it, so it has its smell on it. It will be very safe and comfortable to stay there. So it can play with you in the sun.

       For some cats with poor consciousness, let them stick. Don’t put it directly on your leg, but sit beside him when he is sleepy, massage and caress him. Some cats will put their heads on your legs when their eyes are hazy, or they will lie down on your legs with two claws. If there is no such intimate action, it doesn’t matter. If the range is appropriate, they will not resist. If the cat feels that you are pregnant with a ghost, please stop and wait for the right time, and then gently move on the thigh. Eventually you’ll move it all over your thigh, and if it’s good, the cat will climb up the thigh and choose the best position. Sit on the balcony and get used to the sun.

       1. Looking for warmth

       In cold weather, cats like to be in warm places. Although they are covered with fluffy hair, they still like to hide in the warmest places in their homes, such as the sofa cushions, the heating, or the sunlight shining through the windows. In the evening, it’s not surprising that cats will come to you, because your body is like heating. Cats are looking for warmth. It’s warm on your body. The cat is using your body as a heater.

       2. Comfort zone

       Sometimes cats are naughty and lively, but they are naturally lazy and can sleep 15 hours a day. From time to time, they sleep in strange places, but the most comfortable place is the soft owner. One of the reasons why cats like to sleep on you is that your face is comfortable enough, soft enough, and comfortable enough for meow people to sleep!

       3. Sense of security

       Cats like to sleep in a safe place. So, maybe you give it enough security, it just wantonly sleep on you. Although cats and cats look relaxed, in fact, they always keep vigilance. They can frighten them by making a little noise by their side, so you may be very important to cats, because they regard you as relatives, and sleeping on you will make them feel more relaxed.

       4. Territorial consciousness

       One of the reasons why cats want to sleep with you is that they don’t think your face is not yours, it’s their bed. It’s their good intention to let you sleep next to you. From a good point of view, the cat is very dependent on you, trust you.

       5. Admit the wrong relationship

       Think of you as your own numbness or companion, because the cat also likes to sleep on the companion or hemp.

       Extended data:

       Sleep is an indispensable and important behavior of human and animals. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of body and brain, and prepare strength and energy for the next activity. Pet cats sleep about twice as much as humans. But studies have shown that although cats sleep a long time every day, three-quarters of their sleep is fake sleep, which is what we call napping. So, it seems that the cat sleeps 16 hours a day, but it only sleeps for 4 hours.

       Pet cats sleep in a variety of postures, lying down, lying on the side, sleeping on the back, shrinking into a group and so on. Cats will choose to sleep in a very comfortable place. In summer, they will choose to sleep in a ventilated and cool place. In winter, you will choose a place that is warm or close to the stove. At the same time, in winter, cats also like to sleep in the sun, and move with the sun to sleep.

       Pet cats like to sleep, which is closely related to their personality, lifestyle and attitude. We know that cats are lazy animals. They are not as active as pet dogs. They like to lie quietly in a comfortable place and enjoy life quietly. At the same time, because the cat is originally a caravan, in order to be sensitive and more energetic to observe, the cat will sleep for half of the day, but the cat is also very keen when sleeping. Any external noise or movement can wake up quickly.

       Reference: Territorial consciousness_ Baidu Encyclopedia

       Reference: Security_ Baidu Encyclopedia

       1¡¢ Cats lack a sense of security, always want to be close to their owners, where there is a master is the most secure place

       I don’t know if you feel that as long as you are at home, the cat always wants to follow you; when you take a bath, it is waiting at the door; when you cook, it will lie down beside you and stare at you; when you sleep, it will take the initiative to come close to you.

       In fact, a cat is also a small animal that needs warmth and needs to be cared for by its owner. However, it is not as warm as a dog. The cat’s dependence and feelings towards its owner are profound and introverted.

       2¡¢ When a cat sticks to its owner and goes to bed, it shows that the cat loves you very much

       When a cat has a deep feeling for its owner, it will take the initiative to approach the owner, especially in sleeping. The cat is a small animal with strong self-protection psychology, and always likes to be quiet and undisturbed when sleeping. Only when the cat is very assured of its owner, full of sense of security, and loves its owner, will it climb into bed to sleep with the owner.

       3¡¢ A cat has a strong sense of territory. When a cat has been at home for a long time, it will think that all the places in the house belong to it.

       Cat owners are so overbearing, as long as there is a cat smell on the place, it will want to occupy, even the owner’s bed is no exception.

       Extended data

       Tips for feeding cats

       1. Many times a small amount, but also on time every day

       2. Strictly abide by the principle of not feeding human food, of course, some exceptions, such as a small amount of corn, boiled chicken, etc

       3. Feeding at a fixed place

       4. Ensure adequate and clean drinking water

       They have a sense of dependence and security.

       First of all, cats are nocturnal predators, and generally sleepy during the day. However, the cat has only about 4 hours of deep sleep in a day, and the rest of the time is a light sleep, waking up when there is a little movement.

       Secondly, cats are very independent and solitary animals. They don’t rely on people like dogs. So they don’t usually respond to the host’s instructions. Only when they miss you and want to play with you will they take the initiative to find someone.

       Cats are very dependent on people. Basically all domestic cats like to sleep in bed. In fact, when you are a child, you hold it down as soon as it goes to bed. As time goes by, it will not go to bed again

       1. Warm (the proof is that you don’t like to do this in summer)

       2. The smell is strong (if the cat likes you, it will naturally like your smell, as for why it is strong…)

       3. It is stable and not slippery. It is easier for the cat to slide down behind the belly and back, while the thigh is relatively stable and can be stuck in the middle.

       1 + 3. Large contact area.

       4. Moderate softness. The back is too hard and the stomach is too soft.

       In the face of people like, human beings can not help but pillow up, not to mention cats.

       Others: cats also like to lie on girls’ chests, and humans have similar habits

       Cat sleep time is 12 hours a day, so send like to sleep on the stomach, boring also choose to lie down. After a bath, sweet licking hair is because of the discomfort of dampness and easy to catch cold, so it has to lick itself dry, just like you would like to sleep wet body? Not afraid of illness, hey. I am a cat lover. This answer is professional. Please accept it

       Is that a female cat in your family? If it’s a female cat, it’s more than 6 months old. She’s always on the ground with high PP on her back, and her back hooves support her. Her call has become different from usual in these days. It’s your cat in estrus. You can test it by yourself. When it does this action, you gently pull up its tail, and use your fingers to sweep from the root of its tail to the tip of its tail. If your cat shivers when you sweep it, it is in estrus. Generally, cats have estrus four times a year, with an interval of 3-4 months, once about 5-10 days. If you don’t get the sexual intercourse, the interval between estrus will be shorter and shorter. You can choose to sterilize it or let it have sex.

       Thank you!

       The cat lies on the ground:

       In the heat. The performance is as follows:

       1. Scream hard. The whole building thinks it’s killing the cat.

       2. When the hind legs are on the ground, the back of the whole back part is flat enough to stick to the ground;

       3. Sometimes the throat makes a pigeon like sound;

       4. Dull eyes;

       5. Like to roll and fight crazily;

       6. Run after your tail and lick your butt.

       If it is the above, it must be estrus. It’s usually once a month, but some cats do it twice a month for about 7 days. In this way, it’s a week of oestrus, a week of normal, one after another. Solution: if she’s over one year old, after she’s finished her oestrus, she’ll be sterilized. If the cat is too old to have birth control, take time.

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