Why do Persian cats bite people suddenly?

       A few years ago, Persian cat was a very popular cat at that time, because of its long hair, beautiful appearance and gentle personality, it was really a popular breed. But there are also many songs that carry the lyrics of Persian cats. She even wrote Persian cats into a song directly.

       At that time, Persian cats were fairies in the hearts of many cat slaves. Their manners were quite elegant. However, there were also saying that Persian cats would bite people. Why? Persian cats are suitable for indoor breeding. Therefore, it is better to have complete cat equipment at home, such as cat scratch board and cat climbing frame, so as to reduce the possibility of cats scratching furniture and other items everywhere. Moreover, after the Persian cat has nothing to do with the cat scratch board and cat climbing frame at home, its energy is dispersed and it is not so boring. In fact, Persian cat bites are rare, so don’t worry too much. However, it would be easier to distinguish the reasons for the biting of Persian cats.

       Persian cats bite at different times. They bite when they are provoked or when they protect their young. As long as the owners do not easily irritate the Persian cat, this problem will not occur. Therefore, it is necessary for owners to often play with cats and cultivate their feelings. For example, playing with cats after work every day can make them feel happy and how can they bite people!

       If the Persian cat really bites people, it is very likely that the parents do not properly raise the Persian cat. The cat also needs the parents to spend time with them. If the parents do not have time to take care of the Persian cat, the Persian cat may damage things or make trouble to attract your attention.