Why does a cat bite its owner’s hand – why does my cat like to bite my hand

       Many friends have reported that when the kittens are nearly two months old, they will hold, scratch and bite when they see people, especially male cats, who often bite when they see people. Why? In fact, it’s hard to say clearly. In any case, kittens like to play the game of hunting, catching and jumping during their development. If cats and cats have no other prey to play, it’s only fun for you!

       The solution is to help the cat buy some toys, such as carpet combination for grinding claws, hanging balls, moving toy mice, etc., so that the cat can play with toys until it is tired, and naturally has no spirit to catch you to play.

       In addition, you should also help cats cut their nails to avoid scratching people

       There are other ways to pretend to be painful. When a cat catches you, it yells pain, and then ignore it and don’t play with it. Most cats don’t like to hurt their owners, so they will notice that their owners are not happy and will be careful not to bite you. Or simply ignore it, let the cat realize that it is too crazy to play, so the owner is not happy.

       In addition, the worse can also take the water spray method, that is, when the cat wants to bite you, take a prepared water gun or sprinkler to spray cat water. After several times, the cat will not dare to bite you again.

       I want to know, does it bite others? If you just bite your hand, there are two possibilities. One is that you have a certain smell on your hand; the other is that it shows affection for you.

       That’s what it likes. It will use this method to show that you can play with it. A cat can’t bite people for no reason, only when it wants to play with someone or when it is in danger.


       Many cats like to bite when they are young, and the owners will tease them with their fingers when they feel interesting. It is also fun to bite their fingers if they feel it is not painful. Over time, problems will arise. As the cat grows up, it may become more and more fond of biting fingers. Why? What should we do?

       In fact, there is also a kind of competition in the cat world. Although the cat is cute, it is also a predator for hunting. The cat has not opened its eyes when it was born. The competition has begun. They are fighting for the nipple with the most milk. The survival of the fittest will leave the strongest creatures in nature. Only healthy kittens can survive.

       When the kitten grows to two months and leaves her mother, the cat takes the fingers or toes of a human being as her playmate. It is the nature of kittens to be lively, mischievous and curious. Sometimes they like to gnaw with people’s fingers. On the one hand, they are playing, on the other hand, they are also grinding their teeth. The feeling of a kitten’s teeth biting on the hand is funny and does not hurt. Therefore, the owner of the cat has not been disciplined. To a certain extent, it has connived at the formation of the cat’s biting habit.

       So how to prevent cats from biting?

       To develop a good habit of contact with human beings, let the cat know that some of his behaviors are not liked by the owner.

       When a kitten unconsciously holds your finger and gnaws, you can yell and scold or make angry sounds. At the same time, you can pat him on the head immediately, and then extend his finger to him. He will bite you again out of revenge psychology. At this time, you can pat him on the head again, and then extend your finger to him Do this four or five times until he doesn’t bite your hand hard, but gently puts your finger in his mouth.

       From childhood, we should develop good habits for cats. Try not to tease them with their hands, especially not to put their fingers on their mouth and then suddenly take them away. This action will make them take your hands as prey and grab and bite your hands.

       Kittens are like a piece of white paper, just like a human child. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Only through the patient education of their owners can they form good living habits and live with human beings harmoniously and happily.

       Cats will protect themselves! My cat also had two bites. The first time was when she was playing on the chair, her relatives who came to visit her suddenly picked her up from the back. After being frightened, the little guy bit my relatives hard! The second time is in the cat, the cat is bullying him, friends reach out to help, the result is also severely bitten! Therefore, most of the biting events of a cat are a kind of stress reaction of her own. However, we don’t rule out that cats are not important when they are playing crazy. But usually this time, you just need to pat its nose, it will relax. The above is my analysis of my small owner, I hope it will help you~

       In fact, sometimes a kitten bites a person’s hand to express his love for you. Of course, sometimes it also bites people because of being irritated. However, the strength of the two is different. Therefore, most of the cat bites people’s hands to express like, hungry, a little nervous, or just because there is no chat, biting the owner’s hand to play. Of course, it has something to do with the usual habits. Some people like to give their hands to the kitten to bite to play, a long time the cat has developed a habit.

       The pet cat at home is a little bit like a child when he is young. When he is hungry, he will remind you in this way that he is hungry and wants to eat. In this case, the owner will understand and quickly prepare food for the cat owner. Otherwise, he will bite your hand and let you know that he is hungry! There is also a situation where cats bite their hands because they are bored. After all, cats are domestic animals and seldom go out. When they are bored, they will look for objects to play with. If they see the owner’s hand, they will come to you and bite your fingers gently.

       However, the cat habits of each family are different, and the reasons for biting people’s hands are not the same. Some cats like you. They want to play with you. They may think that we want to invite them to play together. At this time, cats will only nibble at us gently. So as long as it’s not biting hard, but just gently biting, it’s sending out a signal that it wants to play with you for a while. As a host, it’s better not to shout or have too much action, which will make it mistakenly think you are very happy. After all, it can be a bit dangerous for cats to develop this habit.

       Sometimes a kitten’s biting on one’s hand is just a little nervous. After all, cats are different from humans in that there is no other way to express their emotions. They can only express their nervousness and fear by biting their hands. This can be understood as a way to relieve stress and tension. As the owner of the main close observation will find that the cat’s different emotions. Of course, as a cat, biting is a kind of thing. It will bite whatever it is comfortable to bite.

       The first reason: brush the sense of existence. Nowadays, cats are regarded as pets by human beings, but they are also cats after all. In daily life, the wildness is indistinct, and biting their owners just wants to express their status.

       The second reason: to express love to the host. Just like cats like to lick their hands, some cats like to express their love by biting people. Although it sounds a little warm, if some of them are too heavy, their owners must correct them in time.

       The third reason: spoiled. There are many owners who dote on their cats, even if they bite themselves, they won’t beat them. For a long time, the cat thinks that there is no big deal and it should be taken for granted. Xiaobian reminds us that if the cat bites itself, it must be corrected.

       The fourth reason: express your negative emotions. Many owners are crazy when playing with their cats. They don’t know that their own cats don’t like to rub them like this. Therefore, cats will express their dislike of being touched by biting people.

       Methods of prevention:

       1. Stop it with sound

       When a cat pours on your hands and feet, the quickest way to stop it is to stop it with a serious expression and use a simple word, such as “no” or “no”, so that the cat can remember it more easily.

       2. Stop it with action

       Like a female cat to a kitten, she pinches her neck fur and gently presses it to the ground, and maintains this state for a few seconds to more than ten seconds, implying that you are its mother and have absolute leadership over it. If you give it this memory repeatedly, it will not attack you again.

       In fact, after relevant research, scholars classify this behavior as game aggressive behavior. As a pet owner, we can completely ignore this kind of behavior, because it is only a kind of animal’s nature and nature, they are only practicing something on their own.

       This kind of situation is relatively rare in solitude. If they encounter a companion, the probability will be greatly increased. They will treat each other as their own enemy and carry out aggressive behavior when facing their peers. However, this kind of behavior is mainly in the form of games, so they can grasp the strength very well.

       Many cats leave their mothers when they are very young, so they can only communicate with their owners because they have little chance to get along with other cats.

       In short, this kind of object is supposed to be their companion, but because of some special factors, they transfer this behavior to the person.

       The reason why cats bite their owners is mainly due to their competitive nature, lack of maternal love and lack of playing resources.

       1. Competitive nature:

       In fact, there is a kind of competition in the cat world. Although the cat is cute, it is a predator for hunting. There is competition when the cat is born. They start to fight for it and try to grow up. Only healthy cats can survive.

       2. Lack of maternal love:

       The kitten stayed with her mother for two months and left her with only fingers or toes as playmates. Being playful and curious is the nature of kittens. Kittens do not hold any hostility to their owners, but they are born with the habit of biting their teeth.

       3. Lack of play resources:

       Biting is a relatively common behavior in many cats, but this behavior is largely determined by the owner himself. If the owner doesn’t like this behavior very much, you can stop it. If you can’t stop, suggest the owner give it a toy. This will not continue to bother you.

       Although cats like to play with their owners most of the time, sometimes they are not very good at weight control. To prevent injury, the owner should not indulge in it.

       From the kitten to develop good habits and interpersonal communication, let him know that some of his behavior is not the owner does not like. When the kitten unconsciously bites its fingers while playing, you can yell at the angry sound, and immediately pat him on the head, and then point your finger at it. If you are still needed, please pat it on the head again. Raise his head… Repeat several times until you put your finger on its mouth and it won’t bite.

       If you want to help the cat form good habits, you can do so, but if you just tease it, it will arouse the cat’s hunting and therefore attack nature. Kittens are like human children. He didn’t know what was right and what was wrong. Only through the master’s patience education can we cultivate good habits.

       First meaning: irritated

       Sometimes cats are really close relatives, but sometimes, their attitude to people is very cold. If someone in this situation, it is infuriated, it may bite people. Of course, cats don’t bite people when they come up. At the beginning, they will roar and retreat. When there is no way to retreat, they will attack the people who irritate them. Xiaobian tips, cats bite is also very painful, we do not deliberately irritate it, in case it is bitten by it.

       Second meaning: teeth are uncomfortable

       A cat’s teeth are particularly uncomfortable when they change their teeth or when they are injured. In order to make their teeth more comfortable, they look for things to bite. Some cats bite their owners’ clothes, others bite their owners’ shoes. Of course, there are cats that bite their owners. If the pet owner finds that the cat is in a stable mood when biting himself, and just keeps “polishing” his teeth, it is obvious that there is something wrong with his teeth. The pet owner should take him to the hospital for a look.

       Third meaning: feel afraid

       When people feel afraid, what kind of ways will they use to ease their fear? Some girls will ease their fear by biting something. Cats are also like this, many cats in the fear of time, will also through biting things to ease their fear. If you find that your cat’s body is still shaking when it bites you, it means that it has encountered something that makes it particularly afraid.

       The fourth meaning: Express like

       Did you find that some cats don’t hurt when they bite because their strength is too small? Of course not, because they didn’t force at all. They bite you, just to express their love to you, not really to bite you, so they will not bite you. That is to say, being bitten by a cat is a good thing, which means that you are loved by the cat. So please don’t resist the cat’s bite.

       Fifth meaning: hungry

       People who have ever owned a cat know that although the cat is very small and does not eat much, it is really a greedy animal. They are easy to get hungry, and when they are hungry, they will find something to eat. If the pet is around, they will bite him to tell him that he is hungry.

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