Why does my cat like to howl

       I saw a friend on the Internet asking, his cat always likes to howl at night, which makes people uneasy. How to break it? In fact, most of the time, cats will cry at night, because cats are animals that ambush in the daytime and emerge at night. But if the cat keeps making disturbing noises, the owner may have to think about why it barks.

       1¡¢ Heredity

       After a long period of human domestication, cats have adapted to the life of human families, so many cats will not make a sound that makes people unable to sleep at night. However, some cats are born with “loud voice”, and they are very fond of howling. You may have to use other methods to stop them from shouting endlessly, such as Siamese cats. So if you’re afraid of loud cats, you’d better not choose Siamese cats in the first place.

       2¡¢ Oestrus

       As we all know, once a cat is in heat, it can be said that it is endless to cry. If you don’t want your cats to give birth, sterilize them as soon as possible. Cut off their thoughts, your world will be much more peaceful. If you want to keep your cat in line, find a good home for your cat when it’s in the hair, so it’s good for you. How cats love, marry and have children

       3¡¢ Diseases

       Many cats are more likely to bark when they are sick, such as when they are hyperthyroidism. If your cat doesn’t have a natural “loud voice” and doesn’t have oestrus, it’s better to take your cat to a pet hospital for a check-up to make sure it doesn’t howl because of illness.

       4¡¢ Emotions

       When cats seek attention and comfort, they will cry when they are extremely excited and when they are afraid. All cats will bark under certain emotions. The owners need to sum up the reasons why cats cry again in the long-term maintenance process. When you know the reason why the cat yells, you can take appropriate measures to suit the situation. For concerned cats, owners can touch them more and chat with them; for cats who are excited at night, their owners can play games with them during the day, and when they are tired, they won’t upset you at night. For cats howling because of fear, the owner can give them timely comfort to make them quiet quickly.

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