Why does the cat shed its hair? Why does the cat lose its hair?

       Chinese civet cat (details)

       In addition to some breeds, cats have hair loss, from infancy to adulthood, it is necessary to lose hair, and it has become the most troublesome thing for all owners. In fact, cat hair loss is not only due to seasonal changes or hair change, there may be some other reasons for cat hair loss, owners had better understand the reasons for cat hair loss, in order to truly solve the problem.

       1. Normal physiological hair loss: this kind of situation mostly occurs in the spring and autumn seasons, because the climate changes greatly, cats can only achieve through hair loss to better adapt to the new temperature changes. In summer, the cat’s hair will be thinner, so that life in summer can be more comfortable; and in winter, thick hair will grow to help keep body temperature below the cold.

       2. Hair loss caused by malnutrition: we all know that only when a cat is healthy, its body will be strong and its hair will be glossy and smooth. If the body lacks nutrition, the cat’s physical development and growth is bound to be affected. Of course, it is rare for cats to lose their hair.

       3. Skin diseases can cause cats to lose their hair: for example, serious skin diseases caused by lice and fleas; or cats suffering from feline ringworm, which will lead to a large number of hair loss, and there are dandruff at the root of the hair, and the hair is fragile and will be pulled off once it is pulled out, and even the phenomenon of * skin appears.

       There are many reasons for cat hair loss, of course, there is no need to worry about normal physiological hair loss. But if it is other reasons that cause the pet cat to lose its hair, it should still be taken to the hospital for examination and treatment. Especially feline tinea and other diseases, its infectivity is relatively strong. Once the cat is found infected with tinea felis, it must be isolated, do not let the sick cat contact other healthy cats, to prevent the spread of tinea felis.

       I checked the information on the Internet to see why:

       1. Season change

       The reason for this kind of hair loss is the most normal, not only cats, but also many other animals have the habit of losing hair in season! This is a purely natural situation, whether the temperature increases or decreases, the cat will go through a hair loss process! If this is the reason, we can only honestly do a good job in cleaning up it!

       2. Growth and hair loss

       Cats will experience several times of hair loss either during childbirth or from kittens to adulthood. This kind of hair loss is also a normal condition. There is no other way to do a good job of cleaning, and don’t forget the normal feeding!

       3. Estrus

       Cats in estrus, due to internal metabolism problems, so there will be a lot of hair loss, this situation, we do not nervous, belongs to the normal situation!

       4. Old age

       If the cat into old age will also appear depilation phenomenon, but if you keep your cat good, you can greatly reduce the cat’s old age hair loss!

       5. Too much salt

       If the cat is fed with too much salt, the cat will suffer from hair loss due to excessive salt intake. In addition, spicy and irritating food will also affect the cat’s hair! So when we choose cat food for cats, we must avoid those foods with high salt content!

       6. Bath problem

       When bathing cats, you must use a special bath gel for cats. Do not use human shower gels, because the acid-base level in the bath gel is not suitable for cats. It will cause damage to the cat’s skin and cause hair loss!

       In addition to shampoo, you should pay attention to the frequency of bathing your cat. Don’t wash it too hard. Although the cat is clean, the skin of the cat will be hurt. The gain is not worth the loss!

       7. Malnutrition

       If the cat’s daily feeding process, the cat’s food nutrition is not enough, it will cause a situation, so when feeding the cat, you need to pay attention to the nutritional balance, and you can prepare some vitamins and minerals to supplement their nutrition, to avoid hair loss!

       8. Mood

       Cats are curious and afraid of the new environment. If fear prevails, the cat will suffer from depression. In this case, the cat will lose its hair! In order to solve this problem, the owners usually need to comfort their cats and reduce their fear!

       9. Short sunshine time

       Sunlight will not only help cats absorb calcium, but also help cats’ fur health, so usually more sunlight is beneficial and harmless!

       10. Diseases

       Some parasites and skin diseases can also cause the cat’s hair to fall off, so the daily work of deworming must not be left behind!

       Cat hair and human hair, have a growth cycle, so cat hair is normal phenomenon. However, if the cat loses a lot of hair, it will attract the attention of the pet owner. It may be that the cat is sick, or the fur changing season is coming. Therefore, the pet director should analyze and select the appropriate method one by one. The following are the reasons and measures for cat hair loss.

       1. Physiological and seasonal moulting

       When a cat is three months old, it begins to take off the fine and soft lanugo. In addition, when the cat changes seasons in spring and summer and autumn and winter, it will also shed a lot of hair in order to better adapt to the changes of the seasons. This is normal, and there is no need to worry about it. It is suggested that pet owners should give the cat good nutrition and do a good job in cleaning cat hair.

       2. Chronic malnutrition

       The long-term consumption of single cat food or food will lead to unbalanced nutrition, especially when the nutrition of hair is not satisfied, a lot of hair will be lost, and the quality and quantity of hair will also be affected.

       In this regard, in daily life, we should reasonably adjust the cat’s diet. When eating cat food, we can mix in the pet hairdressing nutriment such as Miaoli or subieli, so as to help the cat’s hair grow better and reduce hair loss. At the same time, it is also recommended that pet owners comb their cats and clean their hair in time.

       3. Parasite and infestation of feline moss

       If there are parasites or moss on the cat’s body, the itchy cat’s skin will be torn with claws or teeth, resulting in baldness here and there, and a large amount of hair loss.

       In this regard, pet owners can expel insects in vitro, but we must pay attention to the cat with Elizabethan cover to prevent the cat from licking and poisoning. If your cat has cat moss, you can use meowmanqu externally, take pet itch or home fun vitamin B to take care of your cat’s body. If necessary, you can take a medicine bath.

       4. Unreasonable bath

       Bathing cats should not be more than three times a month. Multiple baths will damage the cat’s skin and cause a large number of hair loss. Also pay attention to the use of the cat bath gel to use for cats, such as meow want pet bath gel, do not use human bath at will.

       Finally, the food for the cat should not be too salty. Too salty food can also cause cats to lose their hair. If time permits, you can take more cats to bask in the sun, better care of cats.

       USA Shorthair

       Summer is coming, many cat owners will have a headache, that is, cats shed a lot of hair. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation caused by the weather. We should accept it or accept it. But this does not mean that we have to compromise. Although we can prevent hair loss, we can try our best to improve the hair loss situation! Let’s learn today!

       1. Cat hair loss caused by weather change

       When the weather changes, the hormones of pets and cats will change. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation, except to accept it. As long as you are diligent in combing, carefully cleaning when combing, and carefully rubbing when bathing, you can roughly clean the cat’s hair that will fall off normally, so as not to have pet cat fur all over the house.

       2. Hair loss caused by excessive salt intake

       If you don’t pay attention to your diet and take in too much salt, it will cause the burden on your pet cat and dry your cat’s hair. Don’t give your pet cat human food, and don’t give it meat because of its pathetic expression. If there is no condition to feed pet cat food, salt and other condiments should not be put in when making cat rice, so as to ensure the healthy diet of cats.

       3. Feline hair loss caused by malnutrition

       Cats with good nutrition should have silky and glossy hair. Generally speaking, weak gastrointestinal function, long hair, single food pet cat prone to malnutrition and hair loss phenomenon. Different nutritional elements can be supplemented according to the situation to ensure balanced nutrition.

       We hope to find out the reason of your cat’s depilation and make corresponding countermeasures!

       There are many reasons why cats lose their hair. It may be the seasonal reason that causes the cat to change its hair. Another possibility is that the cat is not particularly large and is shedding its hair. One of the most terrible reasons is that the cat has a serious skin disease, so it will also lose hair. Pay attention to it and send it to the pet hospital for examination as soon as possible.

       Cat is a seasonal temperature sensitive animal

       2. The cat will have periodic hair growth and depilation every year, i.e. changing hair


       In addition to the seasonal change of hair, there is usually a small amount of withered and aged fur shedding (just like human hair loss)

       After the first coat is fully grown, the kittens can adjust their physiological adaptability according to the changes of seasonal climate

       The most important way to adjust is hair or depilation.

       Generally, cats shed more hair in spring and summer and regenerate in autumn and winter. During depilation period, the owner should pay attention to the sanitary cleaning, and the hair falling on the clothes can be cleaned with a brush. At the same time, the cat usually licks and combs the fur, and also licks the fur into the stomach. When a certain amount of hair is accumulated in the stomach, the cat will look for plants and then spit out the fur wrapped with plants. The owner should prepare grass and other non-toxic coarse fiber plants, so that the cat “ruminates” and spits out the hair as soon as possible

       There are other reasons for hair loss


       innutrition. After excluding the possibility of weather changes, the most likely cause of kitten hair loss is malnutrition. Lack of adequate protein is the most common, and vitamin deficiency is also one of the reasons. Chinese families usually feed their cats with rice. If they don’t add enough protein, such as fish, they will lose their hair. In severe cases, the kittens will take off all of them. If this is the case with your kitten depilation, it is recommended that you increase the proportion of fish in the cat’s feed. At the same time, feeding the cat yeast helps to correct the lack of vitamin intake, which is very useful to prevent hair loss.


       Be sick. A cat is actually a small animal that is easy to get sick. I believe you’ve seen it sneeze when it’s cold, right? If your kitten has been in a bad mood recently, has a bad appetite, and has hair loss, most of them are ill. At this time, you’d better take it to the veterinarian, who will provide you with professional advice.

       As for the cat’s dull fur, the owner should pay attention to the following issues


       Lack of nutrition or reasonable nutrition configuration. It is suggested that the animals should be fed mainly with ¡Á.


       There is a disease. If not only is the coat pale, but there are other diseases (such as scab on the coat), consider whether it is sick or parasitic.


       The sanitation is too bad. If the owner has not bathed the cat for a long time, comb the hair.

       The following reasons can be considered for cat hair loss, please refer to


       Seasonal change: when the climate changes from cold to hot, the hormones in the cat’s body will change, causing long hair to fall off and grow short hair. Simply put, it means taking off winter clothes and changing into summer clothes. There is no way to stop this kind of hair loss. The only thing we can do is to take care of it frequently. It is also an effective way to bathe it.


       Malnutrition: after excluding the causes of weather changes, the most likely cause of cat hair loss is malnutrition. The most common is a lack of adequate protein, and may also be a lack of vitamin intake. Chinese families often feed cats with rice. If the cats don’t get enough protein, such as meat and fish, they will lose their hair and even depilate the whole body. In this case, it is recommended to increase the proportion of fish in cat food. At the same time, let the cat eat yeast to help supplement vitamin intake, to prevent depilation is very effective.


       Health problems: cats are small animals that are easy to get sick. If the cat behaves in a bad mood, has a bad appetite and loses its hair, it is likely to be ill. At this time, it is better to take it to the doctor for examination, and the doctor will provide professional advice.

       There are no cats that don’t shed their hair in the world, and their hair loss is seasonal and non seasonal.

       1¡¢ Seasonal hair loss: cats in the season, in order to adapt to the changes in the weather, and seasonal hair loss. Or some young cats will appear in the process of growth of the phenomenon of slow drop of fetal hair.

       2¡¢ Non seasonal hair loss: if the cat is malnourished, the nutrition of the skin will not be supplied, it is easy to have non seasonal hair loss. At this time, eating meow lecithin can promote hair growth and prevent non seasonal hair loss.

       For the long haired cat, the excrement removal officer needs to comb its hair regularly every day to prevent hair loss.

       There is no such creature in the world that has evil. “Evil” is superstitious. In fact, it is just the unknown fear of black cats in the past. It is unreasonable not to let the cat grow. There are more cat families. Since ancient times, most of the domestic cats in China are civet flowers. Your family think that is just an excuse

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