Why don’t cats like to stick to people when they grow up – why do cats become immobile when they grow up?

       Cats sleep for an average of 14 hours a day. It can be said that two thirds of the cat’s life is spent in sleep.

       Because cats are nocturnal animals, they usually sleep during the day. You think it’s because cats of that age are learning to hunt, even though there’s no more to catch, they’re very active

       The domestic cat usually lives a happy life without worrying about food and clothing, so the amount of exercise is relatively reduced and there is no ability to learn. However, sleeping is its habit, and it will not change its physiological habits because there is no prey. So you think it will not love to move when it grows up. Hehe, if you tease it and give it a shoelace, it will not appear melancholy~~~

       It’s right upstairs. Generally speaking, the cats who flow through the waves will cherish their happy life now. They will be very grateful to you and will be very clingy. My family is also a folding ear, but she does not like people holding, do not stick to people, there is delusion of persecution. My seven was raised since I was a child. I haven’t suffered any hardship, but I can be spoiled and arrogant. My big black is a cat who has been wandering for four years the year before last. When I come to my house, I am very clingy to people. I am on call like a dog, and I like to rub against people. Moreover, I am not picky about food like those two ancestors. I eat good cat food every time. So I really recommend adopting wolves all the time.

       If you really want to choose purebred cats, I recommend different short, different short or more sticky.

       I personally recommend buying cats that are not well-known. Cats of that type are more delicate and don’t like to be close to people. However, how good a cat is to you depends on how good you are to it. My family has seven cats, each of which has been clinging to people. One has been keeping it for 10 years. Now it’s next to me. In fact, cats are very human. You can feed them as often as you like. However, I strongly suggest that you don’t let the cat run, One is love to lose, the other is to play wild, so you really don’t want to be held. (I suggest you buy a female cat. When you give birth to a kitten, you will definitely go home. Moreover, you don’t like to urinate casually. Male cats and dogs share the same characteristics. They use flavor to occupy the territory. I don’t need to say anything else (*^__ ^ *

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