Why don’t cats like to wear shoes

       Many people find that once the cat put on the shoes, it is not very able to walk, so a variety of ugly things happen frequently. Photos and videos also help them record the disgraceful scenes in the cat’s life. But if the shoes are taken off and they become normal immediately, why don’t cats like to wear shoes? Why do they become abnormal once they are put on?

       In fact, there is no official answer to this question. We can only analyze why this behavior occurs from some experiments.

       First of all, we should start from the geometric space perception of cats. Unlike human beings, the geometric space perception of cats belongs to the spatial perception of outer center, which relies heavily on mechanical feeling. Someone abroad has done an experiment, when a piece of adhesive tape is attached to the cat’s body, the cat will try to get rid of the tape. If you put it on its back, it will walk on its stomach, and on its chest, it will stride. Cats and humans have totally different behavior ideas. For example, when cats are pasted with tape, people think that “the body is covered with tape”, but cats will think that “the body is stuck by the world”. As long as they are far away from that world, they can get rid of it. Therefore, cats have the behavior of keeping away from the tape. In the same way, when a cat is given an Elizabethan circle in a pet hospital, the cat will always step back and try to run out of the circle instead of scratching it open. So after putting on shoes for cats, they feel that there is something wrong with the outer central space. It is not difficult to understand those strange behaviors in order to stay away from the external things that intrude into the self-centered coordinate system.