Why kittens don’t stick to people – why don’t my cats stick to people

       Because they have just left their mother, cats with mothers will not be close to their owners. They will only focus on their mothers and their brothers and sisters. It’s good to have the master keep it for a long time. I know I’m kissing you. Be patient. Secondly, they have company with each other, so they are more cheerful. They don’t rely on the master just like a single one, but they will still get close to the master after a long time. Don’t judge a cat by its relatives or not. I think it’s unfair to keep a cat in order to please yourself. Cats are self-supporting and their feelings are delicate. As long as you treat them sincerely, they will kiss you. The feelings of cats are more difficult to get, but they are also very precious. I think that the general cat lovers are happy with the happiness of the cat. By the way, they also get the sincere love of the cat. It’s like making friends. We can’t ask others to treat us. We can only treat the people we like with our sincere love. Do you understand. Kittens are very spiritual, and after a long time, they are very close to their owners. If you’re really nice to them.

       I also have several little dogs, so give you some advice. Ha ha, this is your dog’s character ah, if there is interest will go to please you. hey.

       Speaking of, or you did not catch your dog like what, like how to play, like to go there to play, like to play what, if you catch these, then your dog 100% of the day around you, it is estimated that you dare not go, ha ha…….

       Play with it often and cultivate feelings.

       You can play some ball games, but don’t disturb it all the time

       It’s OK to touch it and hold it.

       Feed it more food that you can’t eat or eat less, such as ham sausage, canned food, etc.

       In a word, it’s good to let it know that you’re the master.

       Love will come in time.

       It seems that extreme measures must be taken…

       Sleep with it, take a bath…

       Your cat seems to have developed a kind of hostility to people.

       This is not easy. After all, cats are not dogs.. It’s not food that can solve this problem…

       It’s better to influence it with your own love…. I hope you can succeed.


       Touch the cat’s head, neck and back, if the cat allows the user to touch the cat’s abdomen.

       Nine weeks after birth, the color of the eyes will change, and because of its small size, it seems that the coat is longer. The coat color is mainly dark brown with warm brown, but there are many other colors, among which the silver blue variety is the most valuable. Oriental short hair cat is lively and active, curious, like to climb long jump and play with people, loyal to its master. In addition, she also likes to be coquettish. Her personality is similar to Siamese cat, and she is jealous. If the owner ignores the cat, she will not only be jealous, but also lose her temper sometimes.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. Keep a cat should pay attention to vaccination time in kittens about 12 weeks, before a year old to play twice, 20 days interval, after once a year.

       2. Keep a cat must pay attention to take the cat vaccine in time, because the cat plague virus on the kittens less than four months of its harm is quite big, and the virus can be transmitted without direct contact.

       3. In the precautions for keeping cats, before vaccination, kittens can not take a bath, because the resistance is very poor, it is easy to catch cold, leading to diarrhea or even more serious conditions.

       4. The short hair of vaccinated cats can be washed once a few months, and the long haired cats should be washed once a month. Pet shampoo should be used to avoid human hair shampoo.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       If the problem is relative to the artificial method in ordinary domestic cats, it is to be more intimate with them and cultivate their love for human beings since childhood, but it is not necessarily too sticky. But in terms of pedigree, purebred cats can be divided into clingy and independent characters. If you like the sticky hair of the cat, suggest Persian cat, British short hair cat, exotic short hair cat, Scotch fold ear cat. These are all cute and clingy cats all their lives, so you don’t have to work hard to cultivate a clingy character. Moreover, the life span of purebred cats is relatively long. According to the breed, there are 15-20 years of difference. Compared with the 75-96 years old of human beings, you will not be exposed to the separation of loving cats too early. Forget what kind of purebred cat is, sticky to see the owner will cry, er, although very cute, but this degree of words I do not dare to raise. The above-mentioned several are the time to stick people, the quiet time cute cat, will not let you in the cat and life work between the dilemma.

       As the saying goes, “there is no feast that will never end”, it is difficult to say that the fate between people can last a lifetime. Just in the usual time more care about it is enough! I am also a cat maniac. I feel that cats are a very spiritual species. When my cat first came home, it was a wild and hard to tame little female cat. When it began to contact me, it was still very resistant. When once it was scratched by a sharp weapon, I went to buy a Yunnan Baiyao to help it take care of the wound. From then on, it began to show its gentle and naughty side. Later, whenever it was stuck in the mouth when it was eating fish, I always helped it out gently. Since then, it always follows me everywhere I go. Sometimes when I come home late, when I see me, I run back and forth madly. Sometimes it knocks things over when playing, and I won’t hit it, so I’m really afraid that one day it will leave me. I have heard an old man say that when a man feels that his days are not long, he will quietly leave the side of his closest relatives. I think this is also the feeling that he is afraid of leaving! Indeed, I have raised cats in the past will also appear in this situation, so, to cherish them, to treat them as relatives! It clings to people, because you are predestined, not completely because of the influence of some kind of bloodline!

       I have four cats

       (1) If you like something lively, buy Siamese cats.

       (2) If you like something quiet, buy an American short haired cat or a Norwegian Forest cat, the latter is a large cat, very large. The British short hair cat is not very good-looking when it grows up, so

       (3) It’s OK for ordinary domestic cats. The relative among my ordinary cats is a long haired cat of Persian origin (with blue eyes).