Will an 8-month-old female cat conceive? How old is a female cat?

       Female cats can be estrus in about 6 months, while male cats are about 7 months. Cats usually oestrus once every two weeks, and each time lasts about 3-7 days. When a female cat is in estrus, she will become very sticky, like to pout, bark and lose appetite. Male cats are affected by the smell secreted by the female cat when they are in estrus. When they are in estrus, they will make a mess of defecation and urination and try to run out.

       If the cat at home is not in estrus for a long time, the owner of the cat can try to use the following methods to urge the cat.

       1. Caressing and hypnosis therapy

       Pet owners can caress the cat and say why the cat is not looking for a mate. Don’t think that the cat can’t understand, but just don’t want to talk to people. This method is more tiring, and the cat can also slip away after the pet owner stops stroking, and treats the owner’s words as nothing.

       2. Watch love action movies with cats

       Don’t think that the cat doesn’t understand this. Pet owners can try to catch the cat and play the cat’s love action movie to the cat. This can stimulate the desire of love and help the cat to get estrus to a certain extent.

       3. Find a handsome and beautiful object

       If you have a male cat at home, you can find a female cat for the male cat and let them stay together for a period of time, which may lead to long-term love, which can speed up the cat’s oestrus.

       4. Feeding meow

       Some people will feed the cat with drugs to promote estrus, but we all don’t know much about these drugs. For example, meow Qinghuan is a kind of nutritional supplement, which contains motherwort, angelica, cyperus and other ingredients, which can stimulate the cat’s desire.

       Eight months is enough to be sterilized. If you can take care of all the babies, you can have them at will. If you can’t keep them, are you going to give them away or lose them? Sterilization can prolong life, not to mention that sterilization is inhumane to it. Male cats have the same kind of barbs on their tongue. It is a painful thing for female cats to be put on. If it is good for cats, you can make a judgment.

       Can a female cat mate in eight months? Can a cat give birth to a kitten after eight months

       If a cat wants to conceive, it is best to mate after one year old. It is not recommended for female cats to mate at eight months old. Premature mating may lead to miscarriage and stillbirth. For the sake of the cat’s health, it is suggested that pet owners should mate the female cat after one year old.

       1. Premature mating is not recommended for female cats

       Many pet owners don’t know that a female cat can’t be mated before she is one year old, because it’s not good for her body to mate too early. And in the process of pregnancy can also lead to miscarriage and stillbirth, so it is recommended that pet owners do not mate before the female cat is one year old. If you are already in estrus, you can use some methods to help the female cat temporarily alleviate, and then mate the female cat after one year old.

       2. Transfer method can be used temporarily

       If the female cat in the family is in estrus, but is not yet one year old, the pet owner can use transfer method to help the female cat relieve the estrus. The female cat is very uncomfortable when she is in estrus. If the pet owner does not help to relieve it in time, it may also have an impact on the female cat’s body.

       There are many ways to transfer the attention of the female cat to relieve the estrus to a certain extent. The pet owner can play with the female cat with her favorite toy, which can not only help relieve the estrus symptoms, but also enhance the infection between the pet owner and the female cat. In addition to using toys to distract the female cat, pet owners can also play music to the female cat. Listening to music can also temporarily help the female cat to relieve her oestrus. Pet owners can choose soothing music or relaxing and cheerful music to help the female cat to relieve her estrus.

       (meow wants to ban love powder, which can be sold in all cases)

       3. If you don’t want the female cat to be in estrus, you can feed the anti estrus powder

       If the pet owner does not want the female cat to estrus and affect his normal rest, he can also use anti estrus products to help inhibit the female cat’s estrus. During the estrus period, the feeding of estrus suppression powder can effectively inhibit the estrus and help the female cat alleviate the estrus symptoms. When the female cat’s oestrus is relieved, the pet owner can sleep in peace.


       After weaning the kitten

       Mainly feed them soaked cat food

       Don’t mess with others

       Kittens and puppies are vulnerable

       Hello, what else

       There’s something wrong with the feed



       200 mg calcium lactate per day

       Calcium gluconate

       Or sterilized bone meal

       It’s OK to add a variety of vitamins to your food

       Three kittens

       Just call

       Small evil

       side dish



       Hey, hey~


       Female cats are usually six months old

       One estrus, pregnant about one year old

       The rate is very high. Pregnancy characteristics of female cats

       As follows:

       1. In the third week of pregnancy, the female cat will turn red

       2. Weight will gradually increase

       3. The abdomen will bulge slightly

       4. The behavior of female cats will become maternal

       Suggest to consult pet hospital

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