Will the female cat come back when she goes out of estrus? If she ran out last night, can she come back???

       Cats are not more than dogs. Comparatively speaking, cats prefer to be more free and familiar with people is always a little defensive.

       Sometimes go out can come back, there is not necessarily a time, estrus out more difficult to come back. How many in my family

       There are two cats, both of them are wild cats, and one of them has been poisoned. I saw it once in the wild cat’s, but I can’t take it with me

       Come back.

       But this is not necessarily, sometimes also talk about a fate, perhaps with the cat is this kind of love.

       In addition, give her a collar around her neck and write down her address and telephone number, which is used to distinguish domestic cats from wild ones in foreign countries

       The cat’s method is also a way to prevent the loss of pets. However, in China, it may not be expected,

       Of course, more hope is always good. The owner’s heart is still open. Freedom is a cat

       The nature of it is to seek the freedom of this, and perhaps it is just what it takes

       How long has your cat been kept? Do you like to go out and play. There is a lot of truth in what I said downstairs. After knowing Lu, the female cat will definitely come back in order to have a stable and warm nest when she gives birth. Don’t worry. Even the male cat will come back later. Since we have pets, we should love them like children, even if they are willful sometimes

       First of all, the female cat and the male cat are in heat, and they came home in the morning when they ran out. But they haven’t come back yet. Will they come back? In this case, where is its nest? If the cat is in estrus, you should not move its nest. If you move his nest, he may move out, and he will not come back. If you do not move its nest, he will come back.