Yingdou how to train defecation – how to teach kittens to defecate

       First of all, as a dog’s nature, he is not willing to be convenient near his nest. At the same time, the dog will find a convenient place by smell and fix it. Therefore, with the growth of age and the expansion of activity scope, he will gradually find a relatively fixed location far away from his nest. There are two ways, one is to fix a place at home for the convenience of dogs, and the other is not to allow dogs to be convenient at home. The former dog can solve the problem at any time, but there is always a little smell at home; the latter, no matter the wind or rain, must take the dog out for more than two times a day, but the home will be cleaner.

       The dog can start training when he is a month old. It’s very fast for the dog to learn to fix a point conveniently. As long as you have patience in the first few days, you can generally succeed. There are many designated places, some of them are designated in the sewer of the toilet, some people use the dog toilet bought by the pet store, some use newspapers, and put them away from the dog’s nest. I don’t think the newspaper can absorb enough water, so I have to diaper all the time. It’s convenient to change it every day. At the beginning, you can use the newspaper or diaper to dip a little dog’s urine, or wipe the dog’s ass, and then put it in a fixed place. The dog will find a place with smell for convenience. If he can’t find it, you should pay attention to observation. The dog always has some fixed actions before he is convenient, such as lowering his head and repeatedly sniffing in a small area, walking back and forth, turning around, etc. once he finds this kind of action, he will be carried to the designated place for his convenience. After he is convenient, he will praise him and let him know that he has done the right thing. A normal dog’s life should be more regular. After eating a meal or waking up, you will want to go convenient. Paying attention to this rule will also help you know when the dog will want to be convenient.

       If you want to let the dog get used to going to the bathroom outside, it should start from the age of 4-5 months. Before that, the dog’s nerve and muscle development was not enough, it was difficult to hold back at home, and it was difficult to teach him to remember. At the beginning of the day, take him out 4-5 times, that is, take him out in the room where the dog usually goes to the toilet, so that he can be convenient outside. If it is convenient for him at home, we should educate him on the spot to let him know that you are not happy. At the same time, you should wipe the scene clean without leaving any smell. You can use 84 disinfectant and other repeated wiping to remove the smell. As the dog becomes more and more used to going out to the bathroom, the number of times he is taken out can be gradually reduced, but ultimately no less than twice a day.

       Gentle communication

       Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQ than dogs, no other animal can better understand people’s words and deeds, expressions and even emotions. Therefore, communication with dogs is not only necessary but also effective.

       Before you go out, you should kindly tell it where you want to go, ask it to wait at home, tell it that you will take it out to play when you come back, and there will be delicious rewards. If possible, leave him some delicious snacks, or put the dog’s favorite food on toy bones or dog bite glue. Dogs who are good at understanding human beings can get a lot of comfort from communication.

       Confidence building

       A dog with strong self-confidence should not have anxiety. You may as well do more games with the dog, fully praise and praise its excellent performance in the game, and enhance its self-confidence.

       Slow separation method

       Give it a snack and come back in a few minutes. Although it is only a short separation, but the dog will still be happy to jump up, as if to meet again after a long separation. Then, gradually lengthen the separation time, leave the house many times a day, until the dog is too lazy to pay attention to your in and out, not affected by the separation.

       Excessive exercise

       Before you go out, you can take your dog out for exercise, so that it consumes too much physical strength. In this way, the dog will be more tired at home, hoping to fall asleep.

       Attention shift

       Give it an old dress or sock full of your smell. The familiar smell will make it feel that you are still with it, and it will feel safe. Often provide some fun toys for the dog, make it focus on the play, let the restless mood get transferred, forget to be lonely. Toys that make noise are good.

       In a word, communicating with your dog often, sharing your feelings with him, encouraging him and praising him will help cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship between you, promote his physical and mental health, and let him fully enjoy the fun of being at home alone.

       If you pee anywhere next time, let it ask for urine, and then hit it.. Next time it goes to the toilet to urinate, tell it to smell and give it delicious food. It can remember that there is something delicious to pee in the toilet, and it has been urinating in one place..

       The dog depends on you to be, can’t, barks for a while not to bark. Is the best solution..

       In the training process, the attitude towards the British Bulldog should be fair and just, with clear rewards and punishments. If caught in the current situation, then the parents of the bulldog reprimand and education is inevitable. Of course, if the British Bulldog behaves well and obeys the owner’s instructions, then parents should not be stingy with their own encouragement and praise, and it is necessary to give praise to the bulldog.

       There are several ways: put the cat’s poop in the toilet you have prepared for it, then take the cat to its toilet, ask it to bow its head, and then grasp one of its front paws and teach it to cover the poop.

       Observe where the cat often goes to defecate, and then put the toilet prepared for it there, and then put the cat in to let it adapt itself.

       Observe when it needs to go to the toilet, and when it wants to go to the toilet, put it in the designated place.

       Extended data:

       The precautions of keeping a cat are as follows: health check. Before picking up a cat, make sure that the cat is healthy and has been treated with insect repellent.

       Choose the right cat catching tools: you can choose the appropriate size of pet air box or small iron cage. For big cats, try not to use cartons in case they are scared and run away.

       Give the cat a quiet and free environment. Don’t rush to hug or kiss a cat when it gets home. Families with children should pay special attention to prevent children from teasing cats. Cats are well-known sensitive and slow-moving animals. In order to prevent cats from being frightened, try to give them a time to get familiar with the new environment.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       How to teach the cat to urinate:

       1. After the kitten is full, train the cat to a fixed place to urinate. The smaller the cat is, the easier it is to train successfully. The smaller the cat is, the more it is necessary to educate a fixed place to urinate.

       2. Wipe the cat’s buttocks with toilet paper, which is the place to urinate. The kitten will urinate after wiping it several times. Sometimes a very small cat will not defecate on its own, which requires manual help. This is also the best time to train a cat to urinate.

       3. Then put the kitten beside the toilet and teach it to urinate here. We should say more and teach it three times a day.

       4. Then put the toilet paper for cleaning the cat’s buttocks next to the toilet bowl to let the cat know that this is the convenient place for him in the future.

       5. Usually keep the cat in the toilet for feeding, so that the cat can only urinate in the toilet. When the cat gets used to it, open it up for feeding.

       6. Through the above training methods, if the cat still can’t go to the toilet to urinate, but the cat will develop the habit of fixed defecation in a corner of the toilet. It’s also good for cleaning.

       Development materials:

       Tips for teaching kittens to defecate:

       1. Cat Toilet

       Cats kept indoors should be taught to go to the toilet in a fixed place as soon as possible, so as not to urinate. You can prepare a special toilet for cats, and then observe the cat’s behavior. When the cat has been smelling the smell on the floor, carry the cat to the toilet and let the cat go to the toilet.

       2. Timely reward

       When the cat learns to go to the toilet, reward the cat in time, such as a small dried fish, and so on. Over time, the cat will get used to it.

       3. Cover up the smell

       At the beginning, the cat may not be used to going to the toilet in a certain place, so as to urinate everywhere in the room. At this time, the place should be cleaned up in time and the smell should be covered to avoid the cat going to the toilet in this place next time.

       4. Clean the toilet in time

       The excreta smell of cats is very strong. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the toilet as soon as possible, so as not to fill the room with odor. In addition, do not move the toilet casually, so that the cat can not find the toilet and urinate everywhere.

       Here is a brief introduction to the toilet equipment I use. Because my family’s meow is less than one year old, one is four Jin and one is five Jin. Therefore, it uses the most rudimentary learning device, which can bear the weight of meow.

       If the home meow is very big and fat, it needs to consider choosing a bigger upper model. I’ll show you the picture below.

       Stage 1: move the original meow toilet to the toilet in the house. If it is in the toilet, it is better to start the second stage directly.

       Stage 2: fill the toilet pan with litter and move it to the toilet so that the cat can get used to jumping on the toilet. Xiaobian’s experience is that whenever I need to change the toilet, I will take meow to dig inside and give her some psychological preparation first, so as not to find her when she is in a hurry to go to the toilet and pull randomly. This process takes about 7-10 days. In fact, you can control the time by yourself. You can also see the weight of meow. Some meow is heavy, and it will vibrate and shake after going up, so you need to adapt to the time.

       Stage 3: after the above stage is stable, use scissors to cut off the middle part of the toilet pan chassis (the common toilet utensils will reserve a dotted line, as long as you follow the dotted line) to let the cat get used to the water under the toilet. This process takes about 1-2 weeks. It is recommended to use crystal cat litter or paper sand to avoid blocking the toilet. If using sand, try not to pour it into the toilet.

       Stage 4: cut out the two parts of the toilet mat with a knife along the dotted line, and continuously reduce the amount of litter for 1-2 weeks.

       Stage 5: use a knife to carve out the three parts of the toilet mat along the dotted line. When the three parts are completely removed, the cat has basically mastered the technique of convenience on the toilet. After the cat is familiar with it for a period of time, the product can be completely removed, and it is complete!!

       Extended data:

       Cats will go to the bathroom where there is sand and bury their own dung. This is related to the living habits of their ancestors. In order to prevent natural enemies from discovering themselves, the ancestors of cats will bury the smell of excrement. Although this habit has no use in modern cats, it solves a big problem of excrement removal officials.

       As long as comrades don’t buy inferior cat litter, cat litter can deodorize and sterilize, and effectively relieve the stinky air in the house.

       The dung that is buried in the cat will be agglomerated. The excrement removing officer just needs to shovel it up and throw it away. It’s very convenient!

       Steps and methods of teaching kittens to defecate and defecate:

       Understand the laws of kittens’ defecation.

       When a cat urinates, it will automatically find a sandy place and bury its excreta. And if the cat wants to defecate, it will bark, and then tail up, half squat.

       2. Prepare a special basin.

       According to the law of the cat’s urination, you can prepare a “toilet” and a special basin for it at home. Then buy some cat litter, or go to the nearby construction site to ask for a little sand and put it in a basin. You can put more litter or sand for the cat to bury. Toilet can be placed on balcony or corridor.

       3 guide the kitten to the toilet.

       You can take the kitten to see the “toilet” and let it touch the litter. When the kitten is ready to urinate, hold it in the basin. Gentle action, and then take a clean tissue to grab a little cat litter stained with cat poop to smell it, and then put it in the basin.

       Take the kitten to the toilet repeatedly.

       At the beginning, the cat is not used to it. Take it to the basin to urinate. After a long time, the cat is used to it and will go to the designated place to urinate.

       Give the cat some praise and reward.

       After taking the cat to the basin to urinate, give the kitten some praise, such as “great”, “well done” and so on. The cat will take the initiative to go to the basin next time.

       6 clean the cat’s “toilet” basin regularly.

       A cat likes to be clean. If it feels dirty in the basin, it will dislike it. You can buy some special litter cleaning tools. Just replace the ordinary sand.

       7 mask the smell of other places.

       If you don’t use it, you should take care of it

       Often clean the toilet for cats

       For the cat who loves cleaning, it is hard to bear the toilet polluted by feces, so it is better to clean the toilet well, and it is better to clean it immediately after defecation. If there is no condition, clean it at least once a day.

       Cat is a kind of animal that doesn’t like the change of life, so it can’t change the position of toilet at will. Otherwise, it is difficult for the cat to rest at ease. The toilet should not be set in the living room, corridor and other busy places, but in a quiet place.

       A cat has a habit that once a place is stained with its own excreta smell, it will go there many times to excrete. Therefore, after the cat excretes in the place outside the toilet, it is necessary to wash off the smell with water or heavy washing.

       Excretion habits of kittens

       The kitten learns to bury its own excrement from its mother, which is why your kitten is happy to use the bedpan. When a cat is irritated by the smell of its poop, it buries it, even if there is no soft soil. If you don’t have a bedpan, it’s hard for a cat to go to a flowerpot, a flower bed, or a sand pit to bury. So you must pay attention to the cat’s bedpan in a suitable place and keep it clean.

       It is convenient to teach cats in floor drain

       Cat girl is very clever. I only used two weeks to train her to get rid of the litter and Sarah squatted on the side of the floor drain. This improves the environment, saves the trouble of cleaning up and saves a lot of money.

       In the days of using cat litter, the floor often looks like fairy flowers, small white grains in a pinch, and the girl often sits on the cabinet to pick its small claws. I had to follow his ass and be his scavenger. Now, I’m a lot easier. However, the training days also took a lot of effort. Fortunately, it’s smart, I’m persistent, and we’ve made it.

       If you want to get rid of the litter, don’t add it to the basin from now on. When the litter is less and less, until just cover the bottom of the basin, pour the litter on the newspaper on the floor drain. In order to prevent the cat hourglass in the floor drain, you can lay a plastic cloth with small holes on the floor drain in advance. The plastic cloth can filter cat urine and hold the cat litter.

       After changing the environment, the girl refused to give in. When it was time for Sarah, she screamed at me, as if she was asking, “where should I do Sala?” I took it in place and told it, “girl, it’s here.” Although reluctant, but hold back anxious, it will first sprinkle. At this point, the rest of the clean litter is poured back into another newspaper. Ouch, it’s more difficult to hold the door when it cries for more than ten hours. As long as it doesn’t call, it’s pulling. When it calls, it’s finished. After repeated training, we can succeed.

       The most difficult thing is that after taking off the newspaper, although he repeatedly exhorted him, because he has the habit of picking up the cat’s litter, once there is no sign, it may find a place to spread it. It did this once in two weeks, so I hit it. After that, I regret: I should blame myself for not watching it. The master must be patient! I wish you and your cat a speedy success!

       Random excretion in multi cat families

       If we have only one cat and this cat is not convenient in the litter pan, this problem may be hard to get rid of. If there is more than one cat at home, it is more difficult to get rid of the disorder. Here’s how to solve this problem step by step.

       1. Cat owners should take action as soon as possible. If the disorder continues for a long time, it will be more and more difficult to correct it. The problem of disorderly excretion may be caused by competing for territory. At the same time, this behavior will affect the daily life of other cats and disrupt the established hierarchy of cats. If you don’t take action in time to stop this wrong behavior, you will find that the problem of excretion will become more and more serious.

       2. Find the culprit. When you judge “why does a cat do this”, you should first find out “who is doing it?”. If you can find out the culprit earlier, you can focus on “managing” the problem cat. Many people find “suspects” by isolating cats one by one, but other cats that are not quarantined are likely to redraw their territory by means of random excretion. If you have a new cat or nearly adult cat in your family, you can take the cat to the vet. The veterinarian will prescribe a fluorescent agent to help you determine which cat’s urine residue will glow under ultraviolet light.

       3. Behind the problem of disorderly excretion, there are hidden dangers of urinary system diseases, especially when there are old cats or cats in the house. Cats with urinary system diseases will feel pain when urinating, and often regard the litter basin as a “pain producing place”. Other health problems can also lead to disordered excretion. If you don’t take your cat to the veterinarian to check the urinary system in time, the rest of your cat is in a more risky situation, because the disorderly excretion behavior may become more and more serious. In addition, any behavior training can not solve the problem of disorderly excretion caused by the disease, so please do not be lazy, or take the cat to the hospital in time.

       4. Watch the cat’s behavior. If the veterinarian detects urinary tract disease, the owner needs to observe the cat for a period of time. During the observation period, the cat owner should focus on the cat’s living environment, such as litter basin, food basin, the place where the cat likes to stay, the daily life of other cats and the situation of people in the family, etc. It’s better to have a notebook to record every time you find a cat poop, and then see if you can find some connection: does the cat poop in the same room every time? Is it always excreted on the carpet? Do you excrete after meals or at other times? Are there any other cats around? Did you have any guests in your house? If you can analyze every factor that stimulates a cat to excrete, you don’t need to make a big change to the cat’s living environment (such a change will make the rest of the cat uncomfortable) to try to solve the problem.

       5. Change your habits. First of all, we should eliminate the place where cats excrete. If a cat habitually excretes somewhere in the house, you need to take action to stop it happening again. The smell of cat urine in the process of volatilization is the “attractant” to attract cats to excrete there again. You should use special products that can remove the smell of pet urine to eliminate such smell. The cat’s nose is very sensitive, so you need to clean the place a few times more to hide from the cat’s nose. After spraying the pet urine eliminator, separate the area where it has been sprayed so that the cat will not be allowed in for the time being – for example, stick double-sided tape, put a plastic mop with serrated reverse (serrated upward), etc. Cats hate to be scared, so when you see a cat approaching the isolation zone, a sudden shock (for example, shaking a pop can with a loud noise) can also make it feel less fond of the place.

       6. Make the litter basin that the cat is using more attractive. When you try to stop bad habits and behaviors, encourage the right ones as well. The cat litter basin must be clean, and the cat litter should be regularly cleaned, and should be placed in a more hidden place, but also easy to escape. This means that a cat is the least defensive when excreting. When he is convenient in the litter basin, he should be able to see the surrounding situation, so that he will not be attacked by other cats during excretion or on the way to the litter basin. Most cats like the caking cat litter, but they don’t like the fragrant ingredients in the litter. However, the situation of a cat is different. You can choose the appropriate product according to the specific situation of the cat and the family If it’s an adult cat, it’s easy to step over the basin. As we have said before, cats hate to be scared, and they are the most defenseless when excreting. If you accidentally step on the basin when you go to the toilet, the loud noise will probably frighten the cat. For some sensitive cats, it will have a fear of the cat litter basin, and will not be willing to go to the litter basin to urinate in the future, which will also cause disorder One of the reasons for the leakage. In addition, the litter basin should not be too small. As the cat grows up, too small pieces are not suitable for it to use. It is likely to be “right” when it is convenient, and the stool will often be pulled outside the basin).

       7. Retraining cats to go to the toilet? If you don’t see any signs from your record, or if your cat has never used the litter pan regularly and has been defecating elsewhere, you may need to retrain your cat. This is the last resort, because when you separate one cat from other cats, the hierarchy and order in the house will be disrupted, which may cause tension in other cats. Isolate the cat in a small room. Put a clean litter basin in a corner. Put its water basin, food basin and toys in another corner. If there is carpet in the room, take away the carpet. In this way, the room can make it convenient, soft place is only cat litter basin. Go to see the cat every day and clean its litter basin regularly every day. You can also record its use of the litter basin. Once you think he has learned to use the litter pan correctly and has begun to make good toilet habits, you can put it back in the other cats. If he goes back to other cats and starts bad habits again, put him back in the quarantine room. This kind of training repeats many times, can make it to the cat litter basin to have “the good feeling”.

       8. Reduce stress. In some cases, it is difficult to detect the environmental factors that cause the wrong behavior. However, sometimes some measures to reduce stress can be helpful, especially in families with a large number of cats. If it is due to the scramble for territory or activity space, the number of litter and food basins can be increased. Usually, this method is more helpful. At the same time, it should also be noted that the owner of the cat itself is an important factor. You should distribute your love and attention equally to each cat and pay enough attention to each cat so that they can get the love they need.

       In addition, games and activities can also divert the cat’s attention and consume its energy. When the cat is trying to “fight” with the toy and other cats are watching, you can publicize it more, which can also eliminate the sensitivity between cats.

       In addition, there are some daily routine activities of multi cat families, especially the activities that allow the elderly cats in the family to join in. It is also very helpful: feeding them, caressing them and brushing them at a fixed time and position every day, which can further relieve the pressure between them and reduce the occurrence of disorderly excretion behavior.

       However, the cat owners who are full of love and sense of responsibility should be able to take timely action and use some behavior training skills to gain some advantages in solving the problem

       I’ve had several dogs. There is a management of trained puppies. :

       1. Don’t drink too much urine at night. His digestive function is not perfect. It will be normal in 5-6 months.

       2. Develop the habit of walking your dog, such as having dinner at 6 or 7 o’clock. Go slip before you go to bed.

       3. Considering that the quality of dog food is not good, not conducive to absorption, all into residue, so there will be more. Do you have dog food? Can’t feed adult dog food.

       4. Think about the puppy barking because I miss my mother, lonely and afraid. You nest your old clothes and let them sleep in the smell of their owners. Take your time. It’s used to sleeping alone.

       Let’s teach him to buy him a toilet. It’s special for pets. My family used to use a large stainless steel plate with stainless steel bracket on it, and then put a newspaper to let him know that it was his toilet, and he would go there later. Cleaning is also very convenient, if the toilet directly wrapped up the newspaper throw away. It’s very convenient. It’s about 100 yuan. Every time you see that he wants to go to the toilet, hold him in that place, and criticize him severely if he goes to the toilet in other places. It is best to fix the dog bedpan.

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