You can’t have a cat in the first few months of pregnancy – you can’t have a cat if you want to have a baby?

       A lot of people say that you can’t have a cat when you give birth to a child. I feel indignant for the cat. In order to make everyone feel more at ease about raising a cat, I have searched for a lot of relevant information on the Internet.

       Don’t have a new cat during pregnancy. The reason is that cats carry a lot of bacteria. If it is a cat that has been kept at home for a long time, pregnant women have immunity to the bacteria in cats, so these bacteria have little effect on pregnant women. But new cats may carry new bacteria that pregnant women may not be immune to

       A: in this way, don’t see any unexpected people or things at home during pregnancy. After all, there are more kinds of bacteria outside, isn’t it? If I’m really worried about bacteria, the chances of pregnant women’s success in childbirth are as high as water chestnut. Human beings are already endangered species (provided that all vaccines are finished, some measures should be taken)

       2. During pregnancy, cats can’t be free for the same reason

       A: the answer is as follows

       3. After pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s constitution changes and may be allergic to cat hair. In this case, the cat should be sent away immediately and the cat’s fur should be cleaned up. Do not take any anti allergic drugs

       A: there is enough ventilation in the house. As long as it is not covered with cat fur with high density, you breathe a lot of dirty air every day. How can we only focus on cat fur instead of cleaning the house well?

       4. After pregnancy, some women’s sense of smell will become sensitive. The smell of cat’s excreta may aggravate pregnancy vomiting. In this case, it is recommended to send the cat away

       A: as mentioned above, the house should be ventilated and the litter basin should be cleaned up in time (this should be given to your husband during pregnancy). Where does it taste like this? Do you have to find fault? You go to the bathroom every day and you still don’t throw yourself up?

       5. Avoid being scratched or bitten by a cat. After pregnancy, women will become more sensitive. Cat scratch and bite that are not usually taken into consideration may make pregnant women become extremely nervous after pregnancy. Every day we receive cases of cat scratch and bite. They are very nervous, worried about the impact on their children, or ask for vaccination. During pregnancy, we will not allow pregnant women to inject rabies or tetanus vaccine. Basically, 100% of them will cause abnormal abortion or stillbirth

       A: I agree with you if you don’t agree to be vaccinated. But you should have a big heart from the day you have a cat. It’s not common for you to scratch and bite? Shovel excrement does not have this big heart to bear ability, even if not pregnant also does not suggest to raise a cat, heart tired is not it?

       6. May be infected with Toxoplasma gondii

       A: in fact, the possibility of cat causing Toxoplasma infection is very small. I said, the possibility of infection is almost zero, you are so paranoid all day long that the impact on the fetus is great

       Finally, to sum up, it is still psychological influence. Many people in the society think that pregnant women can’t have cats, so many pregnant women have conflicts with their families when they have cats. In this case, as excrement shovelers, they should try their best to find professional knowledge to persuade their families. If they can’t persuade them, they should not quarrel with their family members. This is really bad for Baobao. You can put your best friend’s house for a few months and never discard it.

       What’s more, people’s living standards are better now, and they begin to pay attention to the maximization of material life safety, and make a rash conclusion on all matters concerning catching the wind and shadow; there are even many pseudo experts who say that heaven is talking nonsense. You can also see many countries in Europe and the United States, pregnant children still keep cats, dogs and pets, is not a thing at all?

       Sure. Why can’t you have a cat if you want a baby? Can you get parasites? Only if you eat the faeces that are rotten overnight and are excreted by cats, can you be infected with parasites. So much is just possible. If you are really worried, as long as the cat regularly check to ensure that the cat is healthy. And pregnant women do not Chi overnight rotten, and is the cat’s excretion of insects during the cat’s feces. Don’t worry at all.

       It is generally not recommended to keep cats and other pets after pregnancy because cats have Toxoplasma gondii. If there is Toxoplasma gondii infection, abortion, premature birth or stillbirth may occur. Therefore, it is not recommended to contact cats, dogs and other animals during pregnancy. Cats and dogs are important sources of infection of Toxoplasma gondii. Therefore, if cats and dogs are kept, the risk of Toxoplasma gondii infection is likely to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid cats as far as possible. If you keep a cat at home, you must test for Toxoplasma gondii before pregnancy, otherwise Toxoplasma gondii infection will adversely affect the embryo. Pregnancy must pay attention to the rules of work and rest, to the hospital to do a good job in the relevant inspection, each period needs to do relevant testing, if there are abnormal conditions, you need to symptomatic treatment according to the examination results. It is not recommended to keep pets after pregnancy, and pay attention to hygiene.



       Eat raw or undercooked meat, especially pork, mutton and venison

       And eating raw beef is also considered to be the most important channel for urban residents to infect Toxoplasma gondii.


       After transporting or touching raw meat or viscera, put hands into mouth without cleaning


       Contact with dog and cat droppings or objects in contact with cat and dog faeces.


       Living with dogs and cats with insects

       No cat has any life, including human beings, which can be infected by Toxoplasma gondii by ingesting its cyst, oocyst or living body.

       All kinds of meat products, sausages, ham sausages and cans sold on the market can also become sources of infection. Dairy products, cream products, egg products, cakes, all kinds of biscuits, snacks, freezing point can sometimes become the source of infection.

       In short, fish, meat, eggs, milk and their products that do not meet the health standards may be infected with toxoplasmosis.

       People can also infect each other. Pregnant women can transmit Toxoplasma gondii to the fetus through the placenta. If a woman suffering from toxoplasmosis has a blood sowing period during pregnancy (i.e. Toxoplasma, swallow shaped body and sharp body activity), the fetus must be infected.

       So it has nothing to do with cats!!!!!!!!!! Don’t think there will be Toxoplasma gondii in cats

       Seven month old pregnant women came to answer.

       In theory, of course, this is a common topic in various cat forums, and popular science articles are everywhere.

       Zhihu also has relevant discussions.

       In fact, it depends on your status at home with your cat, whether you have a voice at home, whether you have a firm will, and whether your family, especially your husband, supports or not.

       There are great differences between China and the United States, Europe and other developed countries in raising pets.

       One is that Chinese people don’t regard pets as family members in traditional concept; the other is that many people don’t understand what scientific breeding is.

       In the past, they used to be domestic animals. Now they talk about cats and dogs, but they don’t take their pets for physical examination regularly. They don’t vaccinate or sterilize them. When they go out for a walk, they don’t tie ropes, and cats run around.

       Can cats and dogs raised under such circumstances be raised with children at ease

       My father-in-law has the potential of being a cat slave. If you don’t see a cat in my house, you have to ask what the cat is doing. Why can’t you come out? I usually go out traveling with the excrement shovelers. Their first question is always: “what about the cat?” They don’t have any opinion about keeping cats during pregnancy.

       Then there was my father. I guess he was against it in his heart. But since I was very independent from childhood and never listened to him very much, he didn’t say anything at all.

       The only trouble is my mother. Before she got pregnant, she told me to send the cat away. She said that she had rabies. She even nagged me when she knew I was pregnant.

       When I was pregnant, my mother came to see me and I did a lot of science for her. In addition, my cat is very eye-catching and has always been cute. My mother thinks: 1. The cat looks good. One ear is black and the other is white. It has big eyes. Two. The cat has a clean origin. It has never been out of the door. Its fur looks very clean. It has been vaccinated and blood tested. It is estimated that there is no pathogen.

       I see that she is loose and continues to blow and blow. My cat is very clever. For example, she had a time when she was a child…… Another example is that my cat usually ignores people. My mother-in-law can’t touch her, but she seems to like you very much, and she comes to you on her own initiative…… My mother was so excited that she was afraid of cats. She plucked up the courage to touch the cat’s head. It seemed that she liked my cat a little.

       When my mother came to see me, the air was heavily polluted every day. I couldn’t go out for a walk. I’ll open the air purifier and play with the cat stick. My mother thinks that keeping a cat can make me more active and make me in a good mood. It’s also good.

       As for how to get along with cats when children are born, my family has many empty rooms. Cats always have their own rooms, and they sleep in their own rooms at night. When the time comes, they will be isolated.

       The last thing my mother said to me when I left was, “then you can stay at home and play with the cat.”

       It was a happy ending, but I tried my best to guess the beginning but not the end.

       Here’s the thing. One day, my mother went to a wedding. A doctor at the same table told her that she should never have a cat during pregnancy. Except for Toxoplasma gondii, cats can even breathe out germs. People don’t keep cats.

       You can imagine how I would like to spit blood when I got a call from my mother.

       Well, I don’t want to make complaints about the doctor. Let’s talk about how to solve it.

       In short, my mother was very serious, very serious, very determined, let me quickly send the cat away. We are also going to contact my mother-in-law to form a united front against cats.

       The Spader and I grinded with her for a few days, and my saliva was dry, so it was wood.

       Finally, I was in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk about it any more. I simply took out the privilege that pregnant women can be unreasonable, and roared: “I will not live without my drag (my cat’s name)”

       One move works.

       I’m sorry I didn’t use it earlier. So much preparation is a P.

       I don’t want to be angry with my mother, but since the pregnant woman is so important that she is taller than the earth, so for the sake of the good mood of the pregnant woman, I have to sacrifice her good mood.

       My mother is so angry that she doesn’t care about you, and the consequences are at your own risk.

       I nod like a pound of garlic, I negative I negative.

       The world is clean from now on.

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